Wiltshire Wildlife Trust will march for nature at major London rally

By Barrie Hudson - 11 June 2024

  • Wiltshire Wildlife Trust CEO Joanna Lewis

    Wiltshire Wildlife Trust CEO Joanna Lewis

On Saturday 22 June thousands of people will unite for nature in the centre of London for the largest ever gathering of nature lovers at the Restore Nature Now! march.

The event is backed by over 250 nature, wildlife and climate groups – including Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, many other county Trusts and The Wildlife Trusts, as well as high-profile campaigners such Chris Packham, Liz Bonnin and Dr Amir Khan. 

With the UK already on track for another record-breaking year of temperatures and with one in six species at risk of extinction, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust says there has never been a more important moment for politicians to understand how much nature matters. 

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is calling on Wiltshire and Swindon’s next elected MPs to respond by using their influence locally and in Parliament to back five key priorities:

1.      Bring back Wiltshire’s wildlife

2.      Fund wildlife-friendly farming

3.      Protect Wiltshire’s chalk streams

4.      Enable healthy, thriving communities in Wiltshire & Swindon

5.      Tackle the climate emergency

Joanna Lewis, CEO of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, said:


“We are calling on members of the public to join us in London on 22 June and stand side-by-side to tell politicians they must take the nature and climate crises seriously. Actions taken by the next Government will be crucial in delivering on national and international targets for nature and tackling climate change by 2030. It is internationally recognised that this is the critical decade for setting us on a nature-positive track for Net Zero.

“We can all be proud of Wiltshire’s precious chalk streams and stunning wildflower meadows, but much-loved species like water vole, lapwing and dormouse are being lost at an alarming rate. 

"With 80% of the land under agriculture, Wiltshire is a farming county and nature-friendly farmers hold the key to reversing nature’s decline. 

"Our next elected MPs must ensure they are supported to manage their land for nature whilst sustainably producing healthy food and making a decent living.”

Chris Packham, TV Broadcaster and Wildlife Campaigner, said: 

"As conservationists and environmental groups, we have to accept that the dire state of nature - both in the UK and globally - has happened on our watch. 

"So now's the time for bolder action, stronger demands, braver tactics and a new way of working… together. Ticking a box, signing a petition, sharing a post - it’s simply not enough when we are facing the collapse of our living systems. 

"It’s time for all of us to take to the streets, shoulder to shoulder, whoever we are and demand our leaders Restore Nature Now."

Dr Amir Khan, NHS doctor and vice-president of The Wildlife Trusts, said: “As nature and climate decline, we all pay the price. 

"Poorer natural resources affect our economy and a more polluted and a greyer environment affects our health and leads to increased costs to the NHS. Yet despite the obvious issues, nature isn’t valued in the same way our other national assets are.

“That’s why I am backing the Restore Nature Now march. We’ll be giving a joint voice for our struggling wildlife. I hope you can join us.”

The march is promised to be legal, peaceful and inclusive. There will be family-friendly performance art, sculptures and singing. Starting in Park Lane, W1K London, at noon on the 22nd June, the full march route will follow Piccadilly before turning toward Trafalgar Square and heading down Whitehall to Parliament Square. 

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers will be travelling to and from the march by train. People in Swindon and Wiltshire who are interested in taking part are invited to email [email protected] for further information.

More information can also be found at www.restorenaturenow.com and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Manifesto for Nature, can be read at www.wiltshirewildlife.org/manifesto



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