Police Cadets fundraise over £4000 for local charities

By Anon - 12 June 2018


Volunteer Police cadets have celebrated their fundraising activity for the year in their annual attestation ceremonies which have been taking place over recent weeks across the county.

During the ceremonies, newly trained cadets received certificates after being successful in the completion of the basic level to swear their oath and commitment to the scheme.

There are four units led by Volunteer Cadet Leaders that run in Swindon, Trowbridge, Salisbury and Chippenham.  The units meet every week during term time and are taught various procedures used by the police including the phonetic alphabet, radio procedures, how to deal with lost/found property and missing people, basic law, amongst other things. The cadets will work towards an ASDAN accreditation across a 4 year phase.

Forty cadets aged 13-17 took part in a sleep out on Friday 15 December at Police Headquarters, Devizes which pledged £4415.76 for homeless charities in Wiltshire.

At each attestation, cheques were given to the following charities:

  • Swindon Cadet Unit raised £2055.05 for Threshold charity
  • Trowbridge Cadet Unit raised £732.24 for the Breakthrough Trust charity
  • Salisbury Cadet unit raised £732.24 for Alabaré charity
  • Chippenham Cadet Unit raised £771.76 for the Doorway charity

Mr Macpherson said: “I was pleased to join the cadets on their annual sleep out to raise money and awareness for homeless charities and I am delighted at the amount of money that has been raised for charity.

“The sleep out is a good opportunity for the cadets to experience what it is like to be homeless, but unlike many homeless young people this was something we only had to experience once before heading home to the warm.

“Opportunities like this are a great learning experience for our cadets. It helps them to understand others in our society and the challenges they may face.”

Sgt Stephen McGlynn said: “The commitment, enthusiasm and standards that the cadets have shown throughout the year have been exemplary. Their participation in the scheme is on top of other competing demands such as school work, exams, other hobbies and spending time with family and friends.

“As a result of the cadet’s devotion, the scheme has raised over £4000 for local charities during this academic year.  Over the last three years they have raised over £11,100 which is a massive achievement.

“The Chief Constable, Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Officer Team are all exceptionally proud of the cadets and our cadet scheme.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and carers, the cadet leaders and volunteers. None of this would be possible without their help and support”.

Now the cadets have been attested they can attend events which will include fetes, carnivals and fairs where they will assist with some stewarding activities and some policing matters.

Police Cadets sit with their local Community Policing Team (CPT).  This allows local officers to utilise them as part of the wider CPT response to current trends, issues or strategic priorities.  They can be called upon to assist with crime prevention leaflet drops where prolific crimes have been reported in an area to assist with community reassurance.

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