REVIEW: Bardolino by Marco Pierre White, Swindon

By Claire Dukes - 18 January 2018

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18 Wood St, Swindon SN1 4AB

Now completely immersed within winter, the Link team fancied a hearty lunch. So it seemed fitting that we check out Marco Pierre White’s place as we’d been meaning to for quite some time.

Aptly situated on Swindon’s up and coming Wood Street, this swanky Italian boasts a chic interior with smart-casual dining vibes.

My first thought, after I technically suggested the idea, was that we should probably wait until after payday. It is, at the end of the day, a Marco Pierre White restaurant and this guy’s food can’t be cheap. I was wrong.

The most expensive thing on the menu was our Link Editor, Jamie’s, burger (?12.75) and it was huge (and juicy).

Unfortunately fresh out of the salmon I immediately wanted, I went for a panic pizza: Rag? alla bolognese (?11.95). This essentially is bolognese on pizza. Don’t get me wrong, this is two of my favourite things combined, with some rather hot chillies on top.

Our Link Deputy Editor, Ben, went in for the mushroom cannelloni (?11.50). As it turns out this is one of the louder meals on the menu, taking approximately four minutes to stop bubbling away. Naturally, this entertained Ben greatly.

Surprisingly, the starters actually impressed us all the most. I really don’t care for onion rings - they are overrated - but Bardolino’s parmesan onion rings, with mustard mayo (?4.50) changed that up for me. They were ridiculously crispy and upon biting into them didn’t violate my mouth by seeping out oil (the worst), and at not one point did the whole onion come out of the batter to burn my chin.

The gents’ favourite went to the parmesan pommes frites, with truffle mayo (?3.95). I don’t think anyone can get overly excited by mayo, but Marco’s made something magical and garlicky here.

Next time we’ll be taking a taxi to get some of the lunchtime bottomless belinnis.

For further information about Bardolino Swindon, click here.

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