Which markets are available at the best boxing betting sites UK players are frequenting?

By Swindon Link - 15 April 2024

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Boxing remains a hugely popular sport around the UK and certainly has a passionate following around Swindon. With big names in boxing, like Jamie Cox and Lewis Roberts, hailing from the town, this is no surprise. In addition to watching the latest fights taking place online or on TV, people in the town also love to bet on boxing matches.

When you think that there are clashes taking place across the planet each week and all the leading UK bookies cover boxing, you can see why gambling on this sport appeals. Whether you put a wager on the latest Terence Crawford bout or back Anthony Joshua in his next battle, the range of markets to get involved with also makes wagering on boxing exciting.

But which markets are available to wager on at the best boxing betting sites UK punters love to use?


Outright winner

This is the simplest market for boxing betting and sees you predicting which fighter will win the bout. The Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk fight is a good example to look at and a bet on Fury to win would pay-out if he does taste victory.


It is also possible in boxing to bet on the precise method of victory. The KO market is a good example of this and sees you predicting that the fight will be won via a knockout. If one fighter knocks the other out, your bet will win. To get even more specific, you can also bet on which fighter will knock the other out. Your bet would win if the person you bet on does indeed spark their opponent out¾but not if they get knocked out instead.

Specific round

This market in boxing betting can offer greater odds than others and is therefore a popular choice with punters. This wager sees you betting on which round the fight will end in and will pay-out if you are right. To make it even more exciting, each round will have its own odds to take. You can also bet on grouped round markets to give yourself more chance of winning. This would see you predicting the fight will finish between a batch of rounds, such as between rounds 8-10.

Over/Under rounds

Sport in Swindon plays a massive part in daily life and this includes not only watching boxing but also betting on it as well. For people who enjoy doing this, the over/under rounds market is a popular one to know about. It sees you betting that the contest will last for over or under a set number of rounds. A good example of this is betting that there will be more than 6.5 rounds in a clash.

Go the distance

It is common to see all rounds completed in boxing contests and the eventual winner decided on points. A clash that sees all possible rounds completed is known as ‘going the distance’. It’s possible to bet on whether a fight will go the distance or not and this is a popular market for punters. If you think an upcoming fight scheduled for 12 rounds will last all 12 rounds, for example, then you can bet that it will go the distance and win if this happens.


In-play markets are a very popular option at the top boxing betting sites that UK gamblers frequent. This sees you able to place bets after the fight has started and once you get a feel for how things might go, or which boxer looks more likely to win. Odds change as the rounds progress and there can be decent rewards if you place an in-play bet at the right time. A good example of this is backing a fighter to win just before they knock their opponent out. 

Which are the most popular UK boxing betting sites for markets like this?

Although there are lots of UK sportsbooks with a range of markets to discover, some stand out from the crowd. But which are the best boxing sportsbooks UK players love to find the best markets at?


BetUK is a good place to start and has a vast range of the most popular markets to wager on. They also cover a massive number of bouts and ones that involve well-known UK fighters. This site also offers competitive odds, expert boxing betting tips, and £30 in free wagers for new customers.


10bet is another boxing betting platform that people in places like Swindon love to frequent, and it has its own comprehensive choice of markets to dig into. It also offers competitive odds on fights and generous bonuses for all users. This platform is a great choice for mobile gamblers who like to try out the latest markets on the go.


Unibet is a brand that has built up an enviable reputation with boxing fans in the UK. With a variety of pre-bout and in-play markets to get involved with, this is easy to understand. Boosts for boxing odds are a nice touch here, as is the risk-free bet offer for new users and the excellent customer service.


Top tips for choosing a boxing market to bet on

Although the above sets out which boxing markets are most commonly seen at the top UK sportsbooks, you may still need a hand choosing which to dive into. The below should provide food for thought in this regard.

- Avoid the outright winner market if it offers poor value¾look at other markets in this instance for more competitive odds, such as method of victory or round betting.


- Only bet on boxing markets that you understand and can make a rational case for.


- Fully research any bets you make¾whatever market you wager on!


- Make sure to find a top UK sportsbook that has a good choice of different markets.


Boxing betting in the UK: markets matter

If you enjoy betting on boxing in Swindon, then it pays to ensure you have the best experience possible. Knowing more about the most popular markets at the best boxing betting sites people in the UK love to use is a good example and can bring greater variety to gambling. It can also help you to access new ways of betting (such as in-play) and find markets whose odds offer the best value.

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