The Best Casinos in the UK

By Staff Reporter - 19 January 2021

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For many people in the UK that like casinos and gambling, many turn to online casinos, because it’s so easy. Sure, in Swindon we’ve got a Buzz Bingo… But what about a ful blown casino?

Well, finding the best online casinos in the UK is easy, just go to any online casino comparison site, like Slotsia online casino, and you’ll find a list of all the best around. You can read up all about them and see what’s on offer at each of them. Hopping from casino to casino and checking them out is not only quick, but very convenient.

But what about if you want a taste of a real casino? Most people associate the best land-based casinos with places such as Las Vegas and Monaco. But it’s not always practical to fly out of the country for a visit to the casino. Luckily enough, the UK has some excellent casinos and we don’t need to go too far for a taste of the high life.


Hippodrome Casino, London

One of the most famous names in UK casinos has to be London’s Hippodrome. This is almost as famous as any on offer at the Las Vegas strip, and it’s right at the heart of the country’s capital city. As well as having a fantastic casino, there is an award winning and world-renowned restaurant attached, the Helios, to start a long night of fun on a full stomach. For additional entertainment, there’s also a small theatre. If you’re heading out for a night in the city, then you should definitely check out the Hippodrome.


Genting Casino Fountain, Edinburgh

London isn’t the only capital city to have an excellent casino on its doorstep. Scotland;s capital, Edinburgh, has The Genting Casino Fountain. The Genting Group is synonymous with glamour and class, and this is no exception. It has an excellent range of slot machines and table games. However, it’s the poker tournaments that can change your fortune, with life-changing wins available at the high stakes poker tables. 


Les Croupiers Casino, Cardiff

Not wanting to leaveWales out of the loop, Cardiff also has a world class casino. Les Croupiers Casino is the oldest in Wales, but it is still the best. It has kept up with the times and has excellent games and technology - on par with any of the best out there. Not only are there plenty of slots and table games, but it also has an impressively large poker room, with enough space for more than 2000 players.


Aspers, Stratford

This is a casino that is all round excellent, but is even better for lovers of poker. It has slots aplenty and a very good number of table games, but it’s all about the poker. There are heaps of world class poker tournaments played at the venue each and every month. In addition, it also has a slot tournament every month, perfect for fans of slot machines. When you're finished, you can check out the local bars and restaurants, or even the massive cinema.


Park Lane Casino, London

Finally, in fifth place, is the Park Lane Casino in London. The location itself implies wealth and grandeur. The casino fits in perfectly, with an elegant and luxurious setting for the high rollers to spend their money. It has outdoor and indoor areas as well as private rooms for the perfect gambling experience. However, the experience doesn’t come cheap, with a membership fee of £1,000. Nearby, members can dine at excellent restaurant, The Jewel of Mayfair or sup drinks at The Dreams Bar, which is just as glamorous, elegant and pricey as the casino.


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