Top 7 Best Snooker Players of All Time

By Swindon Link - 12 September 2023

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Snooker, often called the "Gentleman's Game," has captured the hearts of millions worldwide with its blend of skill, strategy, and precision. Over the years, a plethora of exceptional talents have graced the green baize, showcasing their mastery of cue control, potting, and tactical acumen.
So, without further ado, let's learn more about the best snooker players of all time.

Why fans should learn more about snooker players?

Knowledge about snooker players is both entertaining and insightful for fans, offering them an immersive experience that goes far beyond the game itself. Investigating the backgrounds, playing styles, and career trajectories of snooker players adds another level of intrigue and enjoyment when watching matches. Knowing more about their unique personalities and rivalries gives more meaning to every shot or decision made on the table - making every single shot and decision more consequential and significant. As fans become familiar with individual players' strengths and weaknesses, they can appreciate the subtle nuances of strategy, positional play, and shot selection - further deepening their appreciation of the sport.

Knowledge of snooker players has the power to enhance the betting experience on matches. When fans bet on snooker results, both intuition and analysis are necessary; understanding players' past performances may lead to more accurate predictions. Information such as head-to-head records provides bettors with the tools they need to make calculated decisions. Discovering players' past performances across numerous tournaments and under different conditions adds an intellectual element to betting on snooker. Thus, betting becomes less of a random act and more of a strategic endeavor when players use their insight to predict outcomes more accurately.

Now, let's move on to our list of the best of the best snooker players.

Top 7 Snooker Players of All Time Revealed

1. Joe Davis – Paving the Way

No discussion about the best snooker players of all time is complete without acknowledging the pioneer who laid the foundation of the modern game. Joe Davis, the "Man of the Century," was a dominant force in snooker's early days, reigning supreme from the 1920s to the 1940s. Davis won a staggering 15 World Snooker Championships in a row, setting a record that remains untouched to this day. His exceptional cue control and strategic prowess cemented his status as the first true snooker legend.

2. Ronnie O'Sullivan – The Rocket's Orbit

Ronnie O'Sullivan stands out in today's snooker landscape as an icon, known for his charisma and unrivalled talent - known by fans worldwide as "The Rocket." O'Sullivan has delighted audiences around the globe, earning multiple World Championship titles while amassing an astounding record of maximum breaks (147s). O'Sullivan stands as an unforgettable icon of modern snooker.

3. Stephen Hendry – The Dominator

During the 1990s, no player asserted dominance quite like Scotland's Stephen Hendry. With a record-breaking seven World Championships under his belt, Hendry's meticulous preparation, fierce competitiveness, and clinical break-building ability made him a formidable force on the snooker table. His era of supremacy reshaped the sport and inspired a generation of players to strive for excellence.

4. Steve Davis – The Nugget's Legacy

Steve Davis, often called "The Nugget," played a pivotal role in popularizing snooker during the 1980s. Davis' methodical approach, unbreakable focus, and analytical mindset brought the sport to new heights. His six World Championship titles and captivating duels with Dennis Taylor, including the unforgettable 1985 final, are etched into snooker folklore.

5. Ray Reardon – The Welsh Wizard

Ray Reardon was one of the key figures during an era of transition in snooker. The Welsh Wizard's calculated safety play and ability to grind out frames earned him six World Championship titles, but Reardon's legacy extended beyond playing days; later mentoring Ronnie O'Sullivan and Mark Williams while passing along his knowledge to future generations.

6. Mark Selby – The Jester from Leicester

Mark Selby of Leicester has become famous for his unique combination of tactical understanding and mental fortitude. Renowned for his ability to outwit opponents under pressure and come out unscathed, Selby has won three World Championships which underscore his skill in adapting to different playing styles as well as mastering the art of controlled aggression.

7. John Higgins – The Wizard of Wishaw

John Higgins' name has become the benchmark of grace and elegance on the snooker table. A four-time World Champion with an exquisite touch, Higgins' ability to manoeuvre the cue ball and craft intricate breaks has secured his place among snooker's greats - his match ups with Ronnie O'Sullivan have produced some of its most captivating matches in snooker history.


Snooker has long been blessed by an elite group of players who have elevated it to new heights of excellence and continued to captivate generations of spectators and players. Beginning with Joe Davis - who laid the groundwork for modern snooker - and including current superstars Ronnie O'Sullivan and Mark Selby, each has made their mark upon green baize history through their natural talent, tactical mastery or sheer determination; earning legendary status. New legends may emerge but their legacies will always live on!

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