Why Are New Betting Sites Emerging All Over The UK?

By Swindon Link - 7 June 2022


The Sports betting scene is blowing up globally and in recent years online bookies have been popping up on UK radars like hotcakes. In today’s article, we go over a few reasons why the online bookie seen in the UK is exploding.

The Market is Growing

The British, unlike the  Americans, always took kindly to gambling, so far in fact, even the Queen has been known to bet and take part in horse racing! Although Americans have a taboo around sports wagering the English have always been fond of placing wagers with young and older generations all taking part in a form of sports wagering. Bookie sponsoring sports teams has also helped increase the popularity of said sites growing into the gigantic industry it is today.


The legality of Sports Betting In The UK

It is not uncommon for governments throughout the world to impose severe rules on sports betting. However, the United Kingdom is an exception. This is due to the fact that all types of gambling are permitted in the United Kingdom, subject to specific limitations. The United Kingdom Gaming Commission is socially responsible for overseeing the gambling industry and ensuring that online gambling sites are fair and transparent.


The Amount of Online Bookies

Although this article is supposed to explain the why’s this is also one of the reasons. With bookies are legally permitted to open shop in the UK so long as they apply for a license throughout the UKGC. With a sheer amount of bookies readily available it’s no surprise that more keep popping up! Today choosing a reputable online bookie can be somewhat time-consuming, it’s recommended to check out the newest UK betting sites reviewed for an in-depth informational guide regarding the best UK bookies. This makes finding trusted and reputable bookies easy and hassle-free while also offering sweet bonuses and promotions to make use of.


Cheaper Than Land-Based Bookies

Although land-based bookies had dominated the sports betting scene like most their time at the top has come to an end. Online bookies now offer cheaper betting options with better payouts as well as flash deals with ongoing bonuses and promotions for loyal punters looking to wager. Naturally, this has led paying customers to refer more commonly to using online bookies over the brick and mortar counterparts.


Easier to Wager

Apart from being cheaper and offering better payout online bookies are easier to wager on! First and foremost online bookies allow users to place bet’s from anywhere so long as they have a strong internet connection. This has made placing wagers super convenient for mobile users or irregular punters who prefer last-minute bets. Online bookies have mastered the art of usability and even the older generations are finding the uses of online bookies handy for a quick wager!


More Bet Types Available

Online bookies always kept up to date with the various new sports and new bet types available for sports. A quick example would be the recent uprising of MMA and MMA betting options such as the first blood bet type which is a bet placed on who you think will spill blood first. The variety of bet types has kept things interesting for punters, especially when sharing a few pints with friends a first blood is quite the fun bet to place.


Things You Consider When Choosing An Online Bookie

Easy of Use

All of the greatest betting sites in the UK should be easy to use. It should be easy to make your way around and place a wager once you've found something you're interested in. In order to find what you're searching for, bet slips should be shown clearly and the UI should not be overly crowded.


Market Variety

The better the UK sports betting sites, the more wagers you may place on a wider range of sports and events. These days, punting on at least 40 different sports is commonplace, with hundreds of markets accessible on the most popular ones.


Bonuses & Promotions

Everyone enjoys a good deal, and the finest betting sites in the United Kingdom are aware of this. The offers you may obtain from a bookie can make or break your decision to bet with them or someone else. After all with the hot competition, bonuses and promotions are used to entice hungry customers.


Customer Service

The greatest online bookies in the United Kingdom all offer excellent customer service. However, knowing that courteous, helpful, and professional customer assistance is available around the clock through a multitude of channels is a comfort. If you have any questions, you should be able to reach out to the company via live chat, email, hotlines, and social media.



With what we have mentioned in this article it’s no wonder that UK bookies keep on entering the market. The industry is clearly not slowing down and while we continue to see officers crack down on poor driving across the county the UKGC has their hands full policing and regulating the ever-growing sports bookie industry.

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