5 Bitcoin Casinos with a Superb Sportsbook

By Swindon Link - 6 March 2023

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Do you like to combine the sheer fun of playing slots with the calculated chance of sports betting?

Taking inspiration from this toplist of Bitcoin casinos, we’re giving you the lowdown on the best casinos to enjoy both Bitcoin games as well as sportsbook.

But wait a minute, perhaps you’re new to all of this and would like a bit of a crash course? Not to worry, let’s look a bit more closely.

Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin is the biggest crypto currency in the world. It was created in 2008 – alongside the blockchain it runs on – by the secrecy cloaked ‘Satoshi Nakomoto’. And, since then it’s become a household name as well as prime investment for many. Maybe you’ve got a bit?

To give you some idea of the sheer numbers involved, MicroStrategy holds a total of 132,500 bitcoins as of mid-February 2023. And its head honcho Michael Saylor can be found on Twitter educating the masses on what he believes is the most important investment asset out there. But how does all of this relate to casinos? Great question…

iGaming branches out with BTC

Alongside the rise in Bitcoin was the rise of iGaming, or online casino and sports betting as it’s otherwise referred to. Particularly on smart phones. Who can resisit a half-time acca? And, the more innovative brands in the space decided to add Bitcoin as a deposit method.

This gave birth to the rise of Bitcoin casinos and crypto casinos more broadly. A phenomenon by any measure. The amount of people playing on Bitcoin casinos over ‘traditional’ online casinos is skyrocketing, with 2022 seeing large amounts of uptick. And, 2023 is already looking much the same.

Perhaps you’re one of the many crypto casino fans? If so, you can check out this list of the best Bitcoin casinos with sportsbook too.

1. Swindon Town FC is on SG Casino

What’s annoying is that most of the Bitcoin casinos with sportsbook don’t allow bets on the Robins. Although Swindon Town Football Club are in League Two, they are among the top 10 teams and still have a chance to reach the League One by 2023-24 season. Up the Robins!

One of the new crypto casinos has a huge list of football matches, more than 1000 in fact. The downside with SG Casino is that they call it soccer in the menu, even if the teams are from England. What’s great about SG Casino is that they cover matches with Swindon Town better than most competitors. For instance, they’ve got Leyton Orient vs Swindon Town on Saturday, with pretty favourable odds for our boys. Apart from football, you can also do live bets and combos on baseball, tennis, table tennis, snooker, cricket, volleyball, handball, boxing, and snooker to name a few.

2. Nine Casino – fantastic for football

One of the sites that classifies sports (and football in particular) by either competitions or national leagues is Nine Casino. They have Champions League and Europe League for instance – but also cover Bundesliga, La Liga, and Italian Series A. Aside from the Prem of course.

Nine Casino even give odds for some Brazilian women football teams, which is admittedly pretty unusual to see on the front page in England. Nine casino is also really good at e-sports, with more than 200 matches available and more than 70 when it comes to rugby.

3. Thor Casino – Gaelic football

With over 80+ matches of Gaelic football, Thor Casino stands out for their sports offering targeted for Ireland and Britain. Currently, there are also 26 netball matches, padel tennis, ski jumping and surfing available. It’s a great casino to visit if you’re keen on niche sports and events.

What’s cool is that you can also bet on other things like politics, including the 2024 US Presidential Election. Will Donald Trump come back for a second time, perhaps De Santis? Or maybe Biden will win the race for the Democrats? Only time will tell.

4. Hi Stakes for the FA Cup, 2022-23

Hi Stakes is a great site for slots and those interested in wagering on Ligue 1, the elite French football league. Currently, the odds for away teams are really good in France it would appear from a glance at the site.

And they also have the historic and famous English FA Cup on offer. The odds for the winner of the FA Cup 2022-23 seems to be tired between Manchester City and Manchester United, with 2.1 vs 3.25 in odds. The third team on the list is Fulham with 17x and Burnley with 41x.  There’s another 2 weeks until the FA cup is over, but who do you think will win?

5. BitBet 24 has almost 2000 football matches

BitBet 24 is another European site that for some reason prefer to call it soccer. Perhaps they got American founders? More than 1900 football matches are available on BitBet24 and some of them include the Slovenian league, football in Croatia along with friendly games between a Danish (Rosenborg BK) and a Norwegian team (Aalesunds FK).

So there you have it, top five Bitcoin casinos with sports wagering. We hope you found it informative and helpful. And, who knows… perhaps your luck will extend to Swindon Town getting the W on Saturday!


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