How to Build Your First Set of Irons

By Jamie Hill - 5 September 2020

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A set of iron consists of similar-looking clubs. Each of these has different angles of the clubface that could result in varying trajectories and distances. Each iron also has varying shaft lengths. Irons are blade-like clubs, with smaller heads. Each set could either have between 2-iron to 9-iron. The set also includes sand and pitching wedge that is useful for chipping or putting for bunker and green shots. Irons with higher numbers would lead to shorter ball travel distances. If you are new to the world of golf, you have to learn how to build your first set of irons. The following tips will prove to be helpful.

Identify the Purpose of Each Iron

It is a must that you identify first what you want the irons to do. Are you planning to hit your 7I farther? Do you want to gain total control over your ball? Do you want more distance and forgiveness? The makers of Callaway Rogue irons highly suggest that you have to know first your goals of building your set of irons. This will make the process of building your iron set a lot easier.

Find a Professional Fitter

Novice golfers should work with professional fitters to be able to build a set of irons that perfectly suit them. You have to communicate with the fitter your goals of having a new set of irons. Let the fitter know where your old irons fall short. The more specific your goals are, the more likely it is for the fitter to give you that perfect iron. For example, tell the fitter whether you prefer to have one that has thicker soles and top lines. Fitting requires that you communicate well with the fitter otherwise you end up receiving one that's not fit for your needs and playing style.

Know Whether to Fit the Head or Shaft First

One advantage that irons have over drivers is the fact that iron shafts only have fewer choices compared to driver shafts. Once you are certain about your preferred weight class, your list of choices could be narrowed down to two or four options. Some experts recommend that you should identify your preferred weight class or fitting the shaft first before you start your trial of different heads.

Purchase Only What You Need

One reason why ordering custom-made irons is that you get to pay only for what you need. If you think longer irons are not perfect for you, then opt for the shorter ones like 4-PW or 6 -GW. You may also opt to pay for a 5-SW. You have to try hitting each golf iron with your fitted shaft for you to figure out what works or not for you. This may not be perfectly obtained, but at least you can have the one that is closest to that so-called “perfect fit”.


The best golf irons differ from one person to another. How good iron is would largely depend on the person’s weaknesses and strengths as a golf player. Your set of irons must have the feel and sound that you prefer when playing golf. Make sure that these things are completely addressed when building your first set of irons.


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