Innovations during lockdown mean car buyers in Swindon have never had it so good

By Jamie Hill - 22 February 2021


The numerous lockdowns, and their effects on the retail industry, have meant that those wanting to buy a used car have never had it so good in terms of price, quality, convenience and choice.

For example, the UK’s leading used car retailer, CarShop – which has a store on Penny Lane, has used this uncertain time to bring in a whole raft of new innovations that solely benefit the customer.

This includes significant enhancements to its ‘Buy Online’ offering, which now sees customers able to complete the whole payment element of the purchase from the comfort of their own homes – whether that’s through carrying out a full finance application, getting a guaranteed part-exchange valuation to fund part of the payment, or paying in full using a debit or credit card.

The retailer has also completely scrapped its store transfer fee, which is the fee that customers had to pay if the car they wanted was in a different location to them and therefore had to be moved to their local store. Now, location is no longer an issue. A customer in Swindon can use ‘Buy Online’ to browse the thousands of makes and models available UK-wide on, before having their choice of car moved from where it is to their local store – completely free-of-charge.

As well as the above changes, CarShop has:

?      Raised its preparation standards for all vehicles before they go on sale through introducing a fully comprehensive 586-point quality and safety assurance inspection.

?      Ensured peace of mind through CarShop’s Warranty providing a fuss free guarantee for the first 3 months, or 3,000 miles, of ownership should an unforeseen issue crop up.

?      Replaced its 7-day Exchange Policy with a 14-day Money-back Guarantee so that if, within that time, a customer decides their car isn’t right for them, they can return it in the same condition it was bought for a full refund – no questions asked.

?      Committed to a Best Price Promise so that, if a customer sees a similar vehicle being sold for a lower price at a VAT registered motor retailer either before or within 48 hours of purchasing a car, CarShop will match that price to ensure the customer gets the very best deal possible.

When discussing these recent changes, CEO of CarShop – Nigel Hurley said: “Forget what you think you know about the car buying industry, because everything is different now. The unwelcoming showrooms and time-consuming form filling is a thing of the past. Lockdown has forced stagnant market players into action and revved up the engines of those that were already transforming – like ourselves.

“These new innovations mean we can now offer our customers a state-of-the-art ‘Buy Online’ service, as well as reinvent the typical purchasing model in line with a wider growth strategy that will see us reaching customers across the whole of the UK.”

CarShop Swindon’s Head of Business, Steven Bryant, adds: “We also know that every customer is different; they prefer different ways of shopping in the same way that they prefer different makes and models. Some would rather browse, pick, pay and receive their car – all without leaving the house – while others would prefer to come in-store and speak to a CarShop colleague who can advise them on the best options, once it is safe to do so. And then some like a combination of the two!

“What this has created is an evolved model of car buying. A model that allows customers in this area to choose a car that isn’t necessarily based at CarShop Swindon with no added cost, pay for it entirely online, and receive it in a way that suits them – whether that’s driving it away from the forecourt or having it delivered straight to their door.

“It is a more personalised, and more enjoyable, car buying experience.”

For more information, or to start your used car buying journey, please visit

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