CS GO – Things You Should Know as a Beginner

By Staff Reporter - 21 April 2020

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CS: GO is a little more complex than it seems. The game has had time to develop and gain multiple features, and there are even more things added with updates all the time. But when you’re new, you don’t know a lot about the game, and this may show in how good you are at playing the game.
For this exact reason, you should be interested in finding out more about how this game works. Luckily, we collected some information that you may find very interesting, so let’s see what you should be aware of as a CS: GO beginner.

  1. Mastering Flicking Aim Is Essential

One of the very essential factors when it comes to mastering CS: GO is learning the flicking aim. To be more specific, flick-shooting is a particular method in the game that doesn’t rely on cognitive aiming. Instead, it relies on muscle memory and unconscious cognition. Compared to the conventional aim, this shot is much quicker.

So, simply put, you will have more time to react and you will be able to make more accurate shots, thus winning more games.

  1. You Don’t Have to Play on All Maps

When you’re new to the game, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of maps that you can play on. The fact that you will have to become good on all of them may put you off. But in reality, you actually don’t have to play on all of them. It would be too much to deal with, especially in the beginning while you’re still getting accustomed to CS: GO. It would be too time-consuming as well.

While you’re now, focus on a select number of maps and try to become a master on all of them. At a later point in time, you can learn new maps too.

  1. All Guns are Free in Deathmatch

Wouldn’t it be amazing to try out all the guns without having to spend money on them? Then know that this is possible in Deathmatch. All guns are free in Deathmatch, and you will be able to buy them not long after the match begins.

  1. Not All Players Are Friendly

This shouldn’t even be a surprise. Communities always have those few people that have to ruin everything, and it’s the case with CS: GO as well. You are going to meet great people who make the game enjoyable, but there are also high chances of stumbling upon people who are there just to troll and be toxic all the time.

If this happens, you shouldn’t take what they say seriously, and definitely do not let their words affect you. You’re playing a wonderful game, so just focus on making this experience count.

Final Thoughts

The CS: GO experience is truly a unique one. Not only you can play this great game, but you can also bet on csgoeasybets.com. So, if you want to enjoy this game to the fullest, the information given in this article should’ve helped with that.

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