Swindon Croquet Club growing from three lawns to five

By Barrie Hudson - 22 January 2024


A delighted Swindon Croquet Club has announced a Swindon Borough Council lease extension allowing an ambitious expansion project.

As part of the £6.3m Moredon Sporting Hub development, the club has been allocated an area of land to enable expansion from the existing three full lawns to five.

Club Chair Clive Smith said: “There is a lot of work ahead but this is certainly an exciting time for the club as we will be able to welcome new community groups and, of course, we are keen to attract new members.  

"Croquet provides gentle exercise, mental stimulation and it’s a competitive game but the emphasis at our club is always on enjoyment in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.  

"The Sporting Hub development at Moredon means our club will be far more visible and will attract far more interest from the Swindon community – it’s all positive and very exciting!”

There is much to be done, including erection of perimeter fencing, procurement of additional balls and hoops, levelling of ground and preparation of smooth lawn surfaces, along with installation of a storage unit and a players’ shelter.

The club has long-established links with various community groups who regularly enjoy the facilities, and the creation of the two additional lawns means that other community groups will also be accommodated and enjoy croquet sessions.  

Equipment, free tuition and refreshments are always provided and a warm welcome is guaranteed.

The club says having five lawns will provide other significant benefits, such as facilitating all-year-round play and the ability to host major national croquet tournaments - which will raise the club’s profile - and the club will even be able  [Anchor] to bid to host international competitions.

The club said in its announcement: "Colin Bailey carried out sterling work in securing the lease extension and Steve Hares has offered to make trolleys to carry the additional hoops.  

"This is typical of the willingness of members to contribute to the wellbeing of the club as time consuming tasks such as grass cutting, line painting, providing refreshments, clubhouse cleaning, general maintenance etc are all done ‘in house’, thereby enabling the club to thrive.

All interested in finding out more about the sport and the club are invited to visit swindoncroquetclub.org.uk, find the club on Facebook or email [email protected]

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