The Best Gambling Cities in the World

By Staff Reporter - 2 December 2019


Gambling has always been a big part of people’s lives. They give them the chance to win huge amounts of money, often in millions of dollars. They are highly praised even in movies with great actors. Although some countries have deemed gambling as an illegal and immoral activity, there is no doubt that they have a major positive impact on the state and global economy. Millions of people are employed in this sector and the casinos pay a lot of money in taxes annually.

In recent years, online casinos started dominating the gambling world because they have a lot more to offer to the people. Better payout percentages, excellent rewards, numerous games, great promotions, and much more are available at the online casinos. The online casino at NoviCasino has some of the best games and bonuses, which is why many people head over to the casino site instead of going to the land-based.

The online gambling sites are slowly taking over the world, but there are still some places on the planet that are considered as holy sites when it comes to casinos. These cities have casinos in almost every corner of every street and gambling is the main reason why some people want to go here. We created a list of 5 cities that are centers for the casinos. Let’s check them out.

Atlantic City

This resort city is located in New Jersey, USA. Aside from being known for its boardwalks and beaches, this place is one of the casino centers on the East Coast. New Jersey voters went out on a referendum in 1976 and legalized gambling as a way to revive this city. As of right now, New Jersey is one of the few states in the country that have fully legalized gambling system. The highest-grossing casino in Atlantic City is the Borgata.


This city-state in Southeast Asia is the second-most popular gambling city on the continent. It is interesting to mention that the Singapore passport is one of the most powerful in the world. But, apart from this island being a big tourist attraction and economically one of the richest countries in the world, Singapore is also known for gambling. It has the 2nd-largest casino gambling market in the world.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is all about luxury and expensive cars. This small city in the state of Monaco has been featured in many movies and it is one of the gambling centers in Europe. Near the western end of the area, lies the world-famous Place du Casino.


We said that Singapore is the second-most famous gambling center in Asia. Macau in China is the No.1 contender. This special administrative region is the most densely populated in the world, with over 660,000 residents living in 32.9km2. Macau is the 9th-highest recipient of tourism revenue in the world and the top destination for gambling tourists in the area.

Las Vegas

Finally, we have Las Vegas at the number one spot. We have seen this city in every gambling movie that we can think of. Aside from being the top casino center in the USA, Las Vegas is the most popular destination for gambling fans around the world.

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