Can gaming and gambling be considered a sport?

By Staff Reporter - 14 April 2021


There is no doubt that sport has always played a vital role in society. That can be seen around Swindon, where the vibrant local sports scene helps bring us all together. Of course, there are lots of other fun things you can do in your free time to stay busy. Gaming and gambling are two sectors many people have turned to in recent years around the UK to stave off boredom. Whether it is sports betting, casino games online or video gaming, these industries generate multi-millions each year and attract millions of UK players.

  • Image provided by Editorial PR

    Image provided by Editorial PR

One noticeable change in recent times has been the distinction between gaming, gambling and sport getting narrower. But just how has this happened?

Evolution of tech has played a major role

When it comes to both gaming and gambling being considered more as a sport, you cannot overlook how important technology has been. As shown at the trusted site, the top pay by phone casino platforms make it easy to play casino games online without having to risk any sensitive information to fund your account. Innovations like this help to put gaming and gambling on a footing with pro sport, who also use the latest tech to improve or look after players. Evolutions in tech also help make gaming and gambling easier to access, in the same way as playing sport is for most people.

Rise of eSports

There is no doubt that the burgeoning eSports sector has really helped gaming be seen more as a sport. The state of the UK eSports industry currently is promising and it has grown 8.5% on average in recent years. By taking gaming and turning it into a professional endeavour with teams of players who play against each other in top-level competitions with loyal fans shouting them on, eSports has undoubtedly helped gaming become seen more as a sport. It has also helped show that gaming can be followed as a career and is not just for fun, in the same way that some people can play sport for a living.

Gambling shares some similarities with sport 

While the impact of eSports is no surprise to many, you might wonder how gambling has become classed as a sport. While this might seem a little fanciful, it is actually a change in perception that society is seeing. But why might this be?

For many, it comes down to the skills most gamblers possess and the nature of gambling itself. Playing casino games online can mean making quick decisions when playing a hand and to be able to operate under pressure.

Gambling on sports requires you to react quickly to what is happening if betting in-play and to have the discipline to stick to your strategy. These kinds of skills are comparable to those used when playing sports, and so, gambling on sports and playing at online casinos could be classed in the same bracket. You also have to factor in that, just as in traditional sports, people can train to get better at playing online casino games and in making sports bets.

Strategic partnerships with sport itself

One clever trick both gaming and gambling has used is forging strong strategic partnerships with traditional sports. Many online casinos now sponsor professional sporting teams, such as the platforms which endorse English Premier League sides. Game studios will also link with pro sports teams in the same way to promote themselves or their latest sport-based title.

When you also add in the advertising these industries pay for in sporting venues and the way sports is used in marketing campaigns, it is clear to see how these links are made. But why has this helped to make them more like sport in the public's eyes? It all comes down to the links with sport rubbing off on online sportsbooks, game studios and casino platforms. As they become paired together in people's minds through sponsorship and advertising, then people begin to think about them in the same way.

Gaming and gambling more like sport to many now

We have mentioned the changing perceptions around gambling and gaming and this has definitely helped them appear more like sport to people. Where once playing video games, casino games or sport betting were seen as totally separate things to sport, modern attitudes do not always make this distinction.

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