Why the Grand National is the best in the world

By Jamie Hill - 14 February 2019


Throughout the UK, there are numerous events that take place which draw in massive crowds and create a brilliant atmosphere. But one is particularly special and that’s the Grand National. It’s a British institution and a highlight of the calendar for sports fans and even those who don’t typically watch horse racing.

This race takes place at Aintree near Liverpool each year and is one of the most famous horse racing events in the world – here are some of the reasons why it remains so popular to this day with racing enthusiasts and those new to the sport.

The Four-Mile Track

Aintree Racecourse is over four miles long – two and a half furlongs – making it the longest course in Britain. This poses a significant challenge for both the horses and riders, making it an adrenalin-inducing race to watch and requires only the best and most athletic horses to compete. This is also why it’s only of the best races for anyone looking to place a wager, as just about anything can happen over the course of a race.

The Great Location

While other events like Cheltenham or Epsom take place in countryside locations, Aintree is situated in a residential area, befitting of its title as the People’s Race. It makes it a different type of event to others and helps it to stand out from other races in the calendar. Which you can guarantee there’s a great atmosphere at the Grand National and after the races are over, The Queens – a nearby pub – is the place where everyone heads for music, beers and entertainment away from the racecourse.

Underdogs Can Win

The famous Foinavon has been celebrated countless times over the years for his achievements at the Grand National, but given that celebration, you might be surprised to know that this horse wasn’t expected to win. On the day of his winning race however, there were a lot of fallers and chaos ensued, but Foinavon continued on to victory – he’d been so far behind the others that his jockey had time to get around the chaos and over the 23rd hurdle, where others had fallen. That’s the beauty of the Grand National – anything can take place and the horses you might have dismissed beforehand could go on to become famous for their achievements.

It’s Great for Bettors

The horses at the Grand National are allocated different weights and then those with the weakest form carry the least amount of weight on their backs, and the strongest carry the most. So, a once-in-a-year bettor can put a few quid on a horse and still have a chance of winning. In fact, the Grand National is so popular for this that it’s believed that two-thirds of adults in the UK place a bet when this event rolls around. So, if you do fancy dipping your toes in the world of sports betting, you’ll be in great company when it comes to the best horse racing event of the year.

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