Robins Supporters: How to Stay Healthy When Dealing with Life As a Football Fan

By Staff Reporter - 5 March 2021

  • Source: Unsplash

    Source: Unsplash

Irrespective of whether you support Liverpool, the reigning Premier League champions, or Swindon Town, football isn’t without stress. Because of the ups and often more frequent downs of the sport, modern-day football fans don’t always live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Source: Unsplash

    Source: Unsplash

The Robins are a prime example of how the pitch-based sport puts supporters through the wringer, as it was only 27 years ago that Swindon were competing in the Premier League. Now, John Sheridan’s team are fighting to avoid relegation from League One. Due to the emotional nature of football, it’s of utmost importance to adopt a healthy lifestyle. So, here’s how the Robins’ faithful can keep on top of their health.

Research Shows Unhealthy Habits

Following League Two's suspension in 2019-20, Swindon Town gained promotion to League One as champions of the fourth tier. Since then, however, things haven’t gone to plan for Sheridan's team. Thus far, they've won just nine of their opening 31 league matches. Unfortunately, research shows that defeats can turn football supporters to unhealthy habits. According to Online Casinos’ interactive guide to the future of sports fans, studies from Brown University and Boston College show that fans who’ve watched their team lose tend to consume significant amounts of unhealthy food. The reason for this is that many view comfort eating as something of a coping mechanism.

The studies also found that, on average, match-goers consume over 10,000 calories on any given matchday. Compared to daily recommended intake, that's around five times more than the advised total for a woman and four times the male guide point. As time progresses, such unhealthy habits can lead to dark circles, hair loss, poor posture, and swollen ankles and legs.

Make Positive Lifestyle Changes

In light of the above, some supporters may wonder how to combat unhealthy habits. Well, first and foremost, it’s advisable to embrace dietary changes. Given that excessive calorie intake causes various health issues, it’s pivotal to start the day with a healthy, balanced breakfast. According to Healthline, beginning a matchday with eggs can increase fullness and reduce further intake at lunchtime. Other options include porridge, which ensures a slow release of energy throughout the day. Combined with exercise, a healthy diet can reduce health-related issues, such as swelling.

Furthermore, football fans should also focus on their mental health. Because of the link between social media and negative feelings, such as loneliness, staying off platforms like Facebook and Twitter are advisable. Taunting and jeering have existed in football for many years, and social media has only elevated that aspect of the game. As such, allow yourself a chance to escape from football, especially after a defeat.

Put Your Health First and Football Second

Although cliche, football is, to many, more than a game. While it has a unique way of consuming passionate supporters, it shouldn’t overwhelm fans in an unhealthy manner. Ultimately, whether you’re a Swindon fan or not, make positive changes to your lifestyle and take care of your mental and physical health.

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