A focus on fitness and wellbeing for 2024

By Barrie Hudson - 9 January 2024

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As we come into 2024, our minds are impossibly drawn to our own physical and mental wellbeing especially in the wake of our New Year Resolutions. Let's make 2024 a healthy one for our minds and bodies.

Embrace Health and Wellbeing at your local Better leisure centre 

Taking care of our health and wellbeing is essential and fortunately, residents of Swindon have access to a number of fantastic facilities right in your doorstep. 

Better leisure centres; Croft Sports Centre, Delta Tennis Centre, Dorcan Better Health & Recreation Centre, Hayden Centre and Gym and Link centre, offer a wide range of activities and facilities that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals while having fun and socialising with others. 

From working out in the gym to attending social fitness classes and taking a refreshing swim, we’ve got you covered. 

Kickstart your fitness journey with a workout in the gym welcoming you to a supportive environment for everyone in the community. You can focus on building a programme that is tailored to you with one of the Fitness instructors incorporating cardio, strength and free weights. 

Fitness Instructors provide guidance on using equipment safely and effectively. 

Add a little variety by attending a number of weekly fitness classes to help you stay motivated. 

Fitness classes are perfect for you if you prefer group settings and enjoy social interaction with like-minded individuals. 

Finally, enjoy a refreshing workout by attending one of our Swim sessions. 

If you're looking for a low-impact yet highly effective workout, swimming is an excellent choice. Swimming offers numerous health benefits and is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. 

Your local Better leisure centre in Swindon is more than just a place to exercise; it's a hub for enhancing your health and wellbeing. 

Discover your local leisure centre today by visiting better.org.uk/swindon 


Give singing a try for your wellbeing at Julie Scott's Academy 

Julie Scott started the academy, originally called K School of Music, 30 years ago. 

She said: "The name was supposed to be temporary, short for Karaoke School but 12 Years ago I finally changed it to Julie Scott’s Academy. This was my professional singing name for most of my life." 

The School has grown since 1993 and apart from singing lessons we do musical Theatre, jazz, street, freestyle, ballet, tap. Limbering, contemporary and lyrical, the academy competes in competitions, do exams and shows, and they have also been lucky enough to perform at Disney Paris. 

Julie added: "The singing school has a wide variety of students ranging from three years old to 70 and its one big family supporting each other no matter how they do. 

"Music and dance is available to everyone, so give it a try someday and I think you will love it." 

To take part contact Julie on 07970 501599. 


Youfit helps you to help yourself 

Youfit Health Club is based at the Holiday Inn just off the Coate Water roundabout on Marlborough Road. 

People joining the club can choose either to pay for three months at £39 per month or 12 months at £34 per month. At the moment there is a %0 joining fee available for a limited time only. 

There are currently 425 members, ranging from keen gym-goers to people simply wishing to improve their general fitness, and also people taking exercise as part of rehabilitation from injury. 

They can choose to use the extensively-equipped gym, the modern swimming pool, the spa pool, the saunas or whichever combination of these things they prefer. 

A major You Fit Health Club promise is that staff will always be on hand to offer friendly and well-informed advice. 

As the club says on its website: "Join You Fit Swindon today to start your fitness and wellbeing journey. Our team will ensure you always feel welcome and inspired." 

The club also offers a broad range of exercise classes. 

During one recent week alone, there were three Aqua Aerobics classes, a Stretch class and a Pilates class. 

The club offers tours to prospective members, and details can be found on the website, which also has a special members' area and information about special offers and prize draws. 

The benefits of membership include the use of You Fit Club branches throughout the country, keenly-priced exclusive hotel staycations, 25 percent off food and drinks and discounts at online shops including Cotswold Outdoor. 



Tanya sheds 10.5 stone in a year thanks to Slimming World 

Tanya Miller of Penhill joined Slimming World on referral scheme after her GP suggested the only option for her was a weight loss surgery. 

Tanya suffered from severe back pain and she wasn't able to walk 100 meters without coughing. 

Instead of the surgery she received a 12 week referral to Slimming World and in January 2023 she joined her local group in Penhill. 

Determined to make a change and become healthy she gave the Food Optimising eating plan all she had. 

She soon realised nothing is off limits and when she made changes to the way she cooks family meals, her weight started to drop off. 

Tanya loves that she can still eat her family favourites like carbonara or home made scotch eggs for snacking. 

She is still learning to adapt recipes for her husband who is a vegetarian and due to his autism he struggles with textures. In the past she was in so much pain, even standing to cook dinner was a challenge, so she used to order three to five takeaways a week. 

After losing 10.5 stone this year she no longer relies on unhealthy takeouts. Not only is her waistline smaller, but also her food bills! 

Tanya also embraced the Body Magic plan which helps Slimming World members build activity at their own pace. She started walking, increasing distance step by step. 

In the beginning she couldn't walk far but now walks 8-10 miles a day. In May she managed to complete her first charity walk and did 108 miles for Cancer Research. In November she managed to do 227 miles raising money for Autistic National Society! 

Tanya reached her 10.5 stone award by December and the change to her health and life is incredible. 

She walks everywhere, she is no longer in pain, she sleeps better and she is able to enjoy activities with her family! Tanya said: "Without their support and my group members' support I wouldn't have gotten this far. 

"Now I look forward to the brighter and better future."


Harmonizing Mindset, Metabolic Health, and Longevity: The Zenith Body and Mind Approach 

Did you know that from the age of 30 we lose 5% of our muscle mass per decade, increasing the risk of osteoporosis, arthritis, obesity, heart disease, depression, and diabetes? 

Our metabolic health affects our mental health, especially our levels of anxiety and depression, and it also influences our chances of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and some cancers. In a world where mental and physical health are often treated as separate entities, finding a holistic approach that intertwines all the factors needed for your health and longevity can be transformative. 

Zenith Body & Mind transcends conventional fitness regimes, focussing on not just extending lifespan but enriching it. 

This pioneering venture is co-founded by Anita Lawless and Niki Walker, their combined knowledge and expertise offering a seamless integration of mindset coaching, cognitive and emotional fitness, physical training, and nutrition to revolutionise personal health. 

Experience an introductory, tailored, six-week program designed with convenient coaching sessions and extra self-paced learning. 



A guide to chiropractic by Chiropractic Health 

Chiropractic is a form of treatment that helps alleviate many musculoskeletal problems and any associated issues such as nerve or muscle pain, or even pain in other joints caused by the body compensating. 

The treatment uses a variety of manipulative and soft tissue techniques that can improve the function and alignment of the joints, therefore relieving pain and muscle spasm, and overall increase mobility. 

The techniques Chiropractic Health use will depend on many factors such as the condition that is being treated, age and personal preferences. 

While the majority of the treatment is for low back or neck pain, they can also treat many other areas such as the shoulder, knee or hip as well as less joint related issues such as headaches and migraines. 

Chiropractic Health offers a ‘free screen’ service where you can come in and chat to put a plan together on how to move forwards. 

It is free of charge but there is no treatment given. 

For more information call 01793 602454, or visit www.chiropractichealthcentres.com 


Big changes at Shaw Chiro 

The team at Shaw Chiropractic Clinic are delighted to announce an exciting new chapter in their 26 year service to Swindon, and surrounding areas. 

Dr. Sandra Davies (Sandy), founder of Shaw Chiropractic Clinic, will be handing over clinical responsibilities to Doctors of Chiropractic, Callum Larcombe and Max Bento from the start of January 2024. 

It is with Sandy's famous eye for detail and attentive care that this handover process will be a seamless continuation of the high-standard care associated with Shaw Chiropractic Clinic. 

Both Callum and Max share the passion for delivering safe and effective chiropractic care. It is through the careful analysis of human structure that chiropractors assess both the alignment of the spinal column and pelvis, as well as the function of the nervous system. Chiropractic care focuses on maintaining structural alignment in the spine in order to maintain optimum nervous system function and the body's ability to heal. Their dedication to chiropractic care aligns seamlessly with the clinic's mission to empower individuals to lead healthier and happier lives. 

Callum and Max look forward to working with the existing team. We invite all past, present, and new clients to welcome both Callum and Max into their role, 

www.shawchiropracticclinic. co.uk  


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