How the Internet is Helping Keep one of Swindon’s Favourite Pastimes Relevant

By Staff Reporter - 18 October 2020

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For generations, the good people of Swindon and Wilshire have enjoyed the classic game of bingo in their thousands. Played in dedicated bingo halls and social clubs, bingo is cherished as a staple of British social life.

In fact, the game has been enjoyed all over the world for hundreds of years. Bingo's origins are found roughly half a millennium ago in Italy where it was established as one of the earliest forms of lottery gambling.

To some, bingo is today unfairly stereotyped as a hobby for older people, and as being too slow-paced to be relevant in the 21st century. But that couldn’t be further from reality - and this article is here to show you why. We're going to demonstrate how the internet is helping to keep one of Swindon’s favourite pastimes relevant.


Bingo has been played online for more than 20 years, with residents of Swindon first being able to enjoy traditional casino games like blackjack on their PCs from around the mid-1990s.

In the years that have followed, and as the industry has grown, developers have increasingly offered different versions of the traditional game. One variation is bingo slots, which combines the classic pastime with the slot machine to create a new game of chance.

Bingo slots are especially popular with players at home and around the world. This is mainly because the games are fast-paced and the required stake – or bet – to participate is generally fairly low. While in games like blackjack the returns are generally two to one, in bingo the prize is often hundreds or even thousands of pounds from a small wager.

This is one of the key factors behind bingo’s overall continued popularity as the online casino industry grows its audience of casual players. After all, we’re not all high rollers intent on betting huge amounts every time we fancy a flutter.

Mobile ready

95% of UK households own a mobile phone and that trend also applies locally, with Swindon’s high streets filled with selfie-snapping lovers of social media. The fact that there’s a smartphone in many people’s pockets is great news for bingo.

The simple nature of bingo means it is perfect for being played on the go, and today’s online casino developers recognise the game’s value in a marketplace that is increasingly mobile. While live video poker has its place as part of an immersive experience, lighter games like bingo are perfect for those catching the bus to work or relaxing on the sofa.

With today’s smartphone capable of processing high-end games and battery life lasting all day, this pocket device has played a key role in bingo’s continued popularity online. Of course, many still play the game on PCs and laptops, but few games have made the transition to the small screen as easily as bingo.

As you can see, although bingo continues to be labelled as an old-fashioned hobby, the penetration of the internet and the rise of the smartphone have helped keep it hugely relevant. It is relevant both here in Swindon and around the world, as part of the thriving online casino industry.

It’s no surprise that a growing number of players who enjoy the game in traditional halls are choosing to take their hobby online.

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