Moving to New Zealand? Here's How to Prepare

By Swindon Link - 11 June 2021


In the past, New Zealand may not have been the hottest destination on the go-to countries list for work and business compared to the US and Canada. However, it is slowly gaining popularity among younger generations. Its weather, greenery, and low cost of living all create an appeal that many are taking a bite at. The progress way of thinking and developing as a country is increasing in popularity.

If you’re among those making the move to New Zealand, you may be asking how to prepare yourself to make the move as seamless as possible. Outside of packing, there are specific preparations you’ll need to make before starting your big move.


How to Prepare for the Move

Moving requires a lot of minor details coming together to make the overall move happen. After you’ve decided to move to NZ (New Zealand), the chief thing to prepare for is your mental and emotional state. Moving to a new country can be difficult in the beginning. You’re leaving behind everything you’re accustomed to and starting a new journey. So what are some preparations you can make? This guide will help you get the essentials in order. 

1. Prepare Your Visa

Depending on the purpose of your move, you’ll need to get the applicable visa. You can find the needed documents to obtain your visa on the New Zealand government website. Do this process as early as possible to avoid any possible delays or issues. You want to have this in hand before you start making other major preparations for the move. It is possible for your application to be denied and you’ll have to apply again. In this situation, you can find yourself with problems if you’ve sold your house or terminated your lease. 

2. Prepare a Place to Live

Before you get to New Zealand, you’ll need to prepare for accommodations. While you can do this after you arrive, this can be risky. Sometimes it takes months to find a place to live. If you’re moving with your family, you’ll definitely want to have this handled before you arrive in New Zealand.


3. Prepare for the City You’re Moving to

You’re going to a new place, a new city. Learn about the city. Check out the area where your home and work are located. See how the traffic is and ways to get around. Find out things like where the airport, hospitals, and grocery stores are. Basically, start acclimating yourself to your new city. 

4. Prepare a Job

Moving is great but you need to take care of your living expenses. If you aren’t already wealthy, that'll mean getting a job. Start your job search months before your planned move. In many cases, you’ll need to have a secured job offer to get your visa. 

5. Prepare Education Needs

If you’re wanting to go to school while in New Zealand or you have children that need schooling, you’ll need to prepare this in advance. Follow school application procedures to begin the process. Again, this can take a few weeks to months to get done. Start early to avoid delays to your move date. 

6. Prepare Health Measures

If you have specific health needs, you need to prepare for these concerns ahead of time. Start looking into the medical specialists you’ll need to see while in New Zealand. Reach out to them and set up initial appointments and tests. You may need to forward your medical records as well. It’s good to read reviews and if possible, have video calls with medical professionals that offer that service. 

7. Prepare Finances

Your finances are a major part of the move. You need to have enough money put away to support you for up to a year. Proof of this is usually required during the visa process. Start saving at least a year before your move if need be. You don’t want to move to a new country and run out of money. 


You’ll also want to consider things like transportation. However, this is something that can be done once you arrive. Learn more about the country, its political stance, and other social norms that can help you make the transition easier. Also, look into any groups or associations for expats from your country. Sometimes it is good to have that home connection so that you don’t feel isolated from your homeland. 


A big move like moving countries can be scary and stressful. Getting yourself prepared ahead of time can help to minimize these feelings and thoughts. Try to get out there and explore once you arrive. This will help you in the transition. Have all of your necessary documents in order and close at hand at all times during your journey.


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