Swindon’s Hidden Poker Scene

By Staff Reporter - 2 January 2020

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While many may not see Swindon as the gaming capital of Wiltshire, there are hints that this could be about to change. Anyone who enjoys dabbling in the odd card game here and there may not have a flashy casino to play at in the area, but there are more and more pubs and bars getting into local poker.

But why is this? The fact is, poker is a game that’s been growing in popularity for decades now, especially in the local area.

There are plenty of chances for Swindon card sharks to learn how to master the game. Whether they play high stakes games where a Full House will be the winning hand or choose something a little more light-hearted, there’s always an opportunity or two to win big on the local tables. But where can you go to sample Swindon’s poker scene? Will there ever be a casino in the area?

No Casino, But Don’t Give Up Hope Plans to bring a full casino to Swindon were sadly dashed over a decade ago. Thanks to changes in the law, there are restrictions which mean casinos can only set up in specific zones. Swindon, unfortunately, doesn’t qualify. But could this all change?

Casino fans across the UK now have more choices than ever before. While the closest big gaming centre in Swindon is the local Buzz Bingo, there are Genting and Grosvenor Casinos scattered across England.

The gaming landscape is a lot different now to how it was back in 2005. Therefore, further pushes for a Swindon casino could be very welcome.

However, does Swindon really need a casino? Online gaming has never been bigger. What’s more, local clubs and societies run rife with poker nights. Therefore, there may not actually be much call for a big, flashy venue.

Where Can You Play Poker in Swindon?

If you want to find a local poker night in Swindon, you’re in luck. You can take a look at online listings which show you where regular nights take place. For example, you’ll find a regular poker night down at the Ashford Road Club. You might also want to look at the regular poker night at The Crown Inn out in Stratton St Margaret.

Both nights are very open and friendly. Therefore, you won’t need to be a real poker whiz to start playing a few hands. However, some of the regular players may give you a run for your money! Therefore, you may want to brush up on your skills by playing online. 

Will the Swindon Gaming Scene Expand?

Post-Brexit, it’s likely that UK leisure and hospitality industries could expand. That is because holidays abroad may become more expensive or even difficult to arrange. Therefore, could we see more money injected into Swindon’s various leisure facilities? Does this mean a casino could be on the cards after all?

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing right now. However, for now, take solace, as there are more than a few great opportunities for you to play a round of poker in the region.

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