Could 2020/21 be the Strangest Football Season Ever?

By Staff Reporter - 8 September 2020


Although the 2019/20 football season has only just come to an end for those in the Premier League and playing in competitions such as the Champions League and Europa League, the 2020/21 season is almost here.

Things kick off in September, a very quick turnaround and is that the first of many things that will make this season the strangest football season ever?

We are going to see a lot of changes, something that will change during the season and plenty of other rules and regulations to make things different.

We’ve coped well over the summer, finishing what was left from last season, but now we are heading into a completely new and full season.

Are we about to see something very strange take place?

Home Advantage When Fans Return

At the end of last season, no one had home advantage through their fans because no fans were in attendance.

This season we are going to start with no fans in the ground, but the assumption is that at some point this season, a small number of fans will be allowed to attend. These are all very likely to be home fans, so although small in numbers, they could make a difference.

If teams are playing rivals at the start of the season, they will not have fans there. This means the away team won’t have things as difficult. Fast forward to the end of the season when the return fixture takes place, and the home team by then could be backed by a few thousand supporters.

The way this season’s fixture list falls could have a huge impact on the league, and potentially cause some big upsets down the line.

A Slightly Condensed Schedule

The condensed schedule is something else that will play havoc with this coming season. Will we see the best teams win, will it be the best squads or will those with more numbers be able to spread out and win by avoiding injuries due to over playing?

Anyone betting on the upcoming football season needs to study this in particular.

How will players react, will there be more upsets towards the end of the season because injuries are kicking in and how can this be used to help.

One thing that will help is the ability to use free bets for your football wagers, rather than spending real cash. A bet that could be placed as a free bet elsewhere can save you money over time and that can significantly help your profit and loss for the season.

This is yet another aspect of the upcoming season for fans, gamblers and everyone else to think about.

Predictions for What the Fans Can Expect to See

There is a lot of talk about what will actually happen next season. Who wins the titles, gains promotion and suffers relegation is up for debate, but what will actually happen during the season from a fan's perspective?

The start will be behind closed doors and the finish is highly likely to be played in front of fans.

At some point, fans will be allowed to enter, this may be towards the end of 2020 or it could even be at the start of 2021. What is almost certain is that a reduced number will be in place for the entire season.

Part of that may also include a complete ban on away fans for the entire season, so don’t get planning your away trips to follow newly promoted Swindon Town just yet.

Actual dates are up in the air, but the above should give some kind of idea what you can expect this coming season, and that all sets it up to be one of the strangest we have ever seen.

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