Swindon's Festival of Literature to expand its horizons - changing to become Swindon Spring Festival

By Ben Fitzgerald - 7 June 2017

Arts and Culture

Swindon Festival of Literature is set to expand into a month long festival of the arts.

While keeping Literature as its heart, the new Swindon Spring Festival would also showcase a range of cultural activities from Swindon and further afield.

The Spring Festival would offer Swindon’s many creative and arts organisations the chance to showcase their work at a variety of venues in town and bring established and inspiring names to Swindon.

Festival organiser Matt Holland explained: "The Swindon Spring Festival would be a month-long opportunity to see, celebrate and enjoy both home grown talent and known and established names from the world of combined and creative arts..

"It would help to establish a greater cross-over audience in town, a wider ownership of the combined arts and festival scene, and would further enhance Swindon’s reputation as a place where you can really enjoy good cultural and arts experiences.

"The Swindon Spring Festival would also aim to include activities that go beyond the arts but are linked to them and are definitely part of the town’s culture and its diverse communities. These might include celebrations of walking, running, circus, sport, and international cuisine."

The Festival already has a number of partners, venues, and locations that it uses, including the Wyvern Theatre, the Arts Centre, the Central Library, STEAM Museum, Swindon Dance, Lower Shaw Farm, Richard Jefferies Museum, Lawn Woods, and Lydiard Park, all of which would welcome a Swindon Spring Festival – of the Arts.

A date will soon be set for an open meeting for any organisations and individuals interested.

Anyone who would like to know more, attend, or make any helpful suggestions, should write to swindonspringfest@lowershawfarm.co.uk  or ring 01793 771080.

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