The list of Swindon parish council candidates for the 4 May elections


For details about how each candidate can have their say press here

Blunsdon Parish –

Blunsdon Ward (10 seats)

Steve Ainscow

Stuart Boyd

Andrew Collingwood

Mick Compton

Ian Jankinson

Sandra Keates

Derek Ricketts (existing Blunsdon St Andrew parish councillor)

Chris Rogers

Ian Selwood

Jim Tayler

Central Swindon North Parish –

Even Swindon Ward (2 seats)

Steph Exell (Labour)

Kevin Small (Labour)

Ferndale Ward (3 seats)

Des Moffatt (Labour)

Javes Rodrigues (Labour)

James Yeowell (Labour)

Gorsehill Ward (3 seats)

Aubrey Attwater (Let the local people speak)

Ray Ballman (Labour)

Hannah Fullick (Labour)

Tom Smith (Labour)

Steve Thompson (Green)

Moredon Ward (1 seat)

Steve Henderson (Labour)

Penhill Ward (2 seats)

Paul Baker (Labour)

Nathan McGlynn (UKIP)

Kenneth Toward-Parker (Independent)

Pinehurst Ward (3 seats)

John Ballman (Labour)

Olivia McCann

Derique Montaut (Labour)

Rodbourne Cheney Ward (2 seats)

Mike Dunn (Liberal Democrat)

Paul Exell (Independent)

Mick Lucas (Independent)

Central Swindon South Parish –

Central Ward (5 seats)

Junab Ali (Labour)

Parvez Chowdhury (Conservative)

Karsten Evans (Residents Parking Run By Parish Council)

John Firmin (Labour)

Mary Gladman (Labour)

Janine Lowry (Labour)

Imtiyaz Shaikh (Labour)

Jamie Taylor (Liberal Democrat)

Eastcott Ward (5 seats)

Domingos Dias (Labour)

Paul Dixon (Labour)

Abdul Hamid (Labour)

Patrick Herring (Labour)

Tony Hillier

Philip Hunt (Conservative)

Cindy Matthews (Labour)

Dawn Pajak (Liberal Democrat)

Stan Pajak (Liberal Democrat)

Garry Porter (Liberal Democrat)

Toby Robson (Liberal Democrat)

Kimberley Scott (Conservative)

Drusilla Summers (Conservative)

Kris Talikowski

Dave Wood (Liberal Democrat)

Lawn & Badbury Park Ward (3 seats)

Michael Dickinson (Conservative)

Anthony Hawkins (Conservative)

Deborah King (Liberal Democrat)

Denis Matthews (Labour)

John Short (Conservative)

Old Town Ward (4 seats)

Saleh Ahmed (Labour)

Nicholas Burns-Howell (Conservative)

Terry Davis (Conservative)

Colin Doubleday (Independent)

Neil Hopkins (Labour)

William Horley (Conservative)

Bill Hughes (Green)

Geoff King (Liberal Democrat)

Jane Milner-Barry (Labour)

Nicholas Smith (Conservative)

Nadine Watts (Labour)

Park South Ward (2 seats)

Jeff Jefferies (Conservative)

Javed Miah (Labour)

Chris Watts (Labour)

Walcot and Park North Ward (4 seats)

Steve Allsopp (Labour)

Stephen Halden (UKIP)

Peter Mallinson (Conservative)

Kathy McCarthy (Liberal Democrat)

Jamal Miah (Labour)

Trish Philpot (Labour)

Roy Stephen (Conservative)

Barrie Thompson (Labour)

Rebecca Wolf (Conservative)

Nythe, Eldene & Liden Parish –

Eldene Ward (3 seats)

Amir Ayub (Labour)

Martin Costello (UKIP)

Zachary Hawson (Conservative)

Oladapo Ibitoye (Conservative)

Krista Salmon (Liberal Democrat)

Bazil Solomon (Labour)

Liden Ward (3 seats)

David Bell (Conservative)

Adam Hunt (Labour)

Robert Marchment (Local Resident)

Malcom Salmon (Liberal Democrat)

Graham Stubbs (Local Resident)

Nythe Ward (3 seats)

Brian Cockbill (Independent)

Gerry Cruse (Labour)

Graeme Leighfield (Liberal Democrat)

Kevin Parry (Conservative)

St Andrews Parish (11 seats)

Colleen Bennett (Labour)

Jean Blake (Conservative)

Maura Clarke (Labour)

Susan Cole (Conservative)

Terry Custance

Deborah Donohoe (Conservative)

Mary Friend (Conservative)

Stewart Herron

Keith Huckfield (Labour)

Ian Jankinson

Paul Keevans (Conservative)

Katharine Law (Liberal Democrat)

Phillip Lewis (Conservative)

Alexander Marasco (Labour)

Jason Mills (Labour)

Timothy Owen (Conservative)

Derek Ricketts (Current Blunsdon St Andrews Parish Councillor)

John Stooke (Independent Against Party Politics in Parishes)

Gunther Strait (Labour)

Vera Tomlinson (Conservative)

Vince Williams (Conservative)

Kevin Woods (Conservative)

Melanie Woods (Conservative)

West Swindon Parish –

Eastleaze & Shaw Ward (1 seat)

Adrian Costello (UKIP)

Nigel Gibbons (Conservative)

Cindy Matthews (Labour)

Frank Stobrawe (Independent)

Freshbrook Ward (2 seats)

Matthew Courtliff (Labour)

Eddy Eggleston (Independent)

Geoff Gould (Independent Representing Local Residents)

Neil Hopkins (Labour)

Chandu Ladwa (Conservative)

John Lenton (Conservative)

Grange Park Ward (3 seats)

Umar Ali (Labour)

Paul Greensmith

Vinay Kumar (Conservative)

Les Laidler (Labour)

Lynda Powell (Labour)

Chris Shepherd (Liberal Democrat)

Tim Swinyard (Conservative)

Caryl Sydney-Smith (Conservative)

Middleaze & Ramleaze Ward (2 seats)

Ellen Heavens (Conservative)

Nick Martin (Conservative)

Trish Philpot (Labour)

Peatmoor & Sparcells Ward (2 seats)

Fay Howard (Labour)

Ken Kimber (Green)

Chris Smowton (Liberal Democrat)

Peter Stoddart (Conservative)

Keith Williams (Conservative)

Toothill Ward (3 seats)

Steph Exell (Labour)

Ruth Kiddle (Independent Passionate Committed Community Minded)

Timothy Makofu (Labour)

Graham Philpot (Labour)

Matt Walker (Conservative)

Westlea Ward (2 seats)

Junab Ali (Labour)

Suresh Gattapur (Conservative)

Ian Howard (Labour)

Derek Lowson (Independent)

Mary Martin (Conservative)