Learn Leadership Skills With Swindon Wild Cats

By Tom Padfield - 13 March 2020


Develop your team by learning from the success of an elite sports team, with this series of workshops

Business can learn a lot from elite sport, with its clear measurable outcomes and transparent methods. Through this unique series of four workshops, Team I will show how a professional sports team has achieved their success and by learning from their experiences, you can increase the engagement and performance of your team, which will increase the profitability of your business.

The Swindon Wildcats elite ice hockey team were National Ice Hockey league Champions in 2019, setting a new winning streak record of seventeen games. Team-i have worked with Wildcats’ Head Coach Aaron Nell to firstly understand how this success has been achieved and then break it down to its core components, so that the key factors of the success can be understood and applied to business.

You can get first-hand insight on these key factors from Aaron, as he and Team-i’s Tim Thurston deliver this series of workshops that will show how the Wildcats achieved their success and how you can apply the key factors to your business.

The Workshops Will Cover The Following:

Workshop 1 – Tuesday 20 April– 2-5pm From this workshop you will gain an understanding of the key elements of a high performing team and the importance of a shared purpose. You will then be able to assess which key elements can be improved in your team

. Workshop 2 – tbc June 2020 – 2-5pm You will learn how the Wildcats attracted the best talent within their budget and utilised it effectively. You will then be able to apply those processes to your business to get the right people into the right roles.

Workshop 3 – tbc July 2020 – 2-5pm This workshop will look at the leadership style that Aaron developed that allowed him to be effective when both coaching and playing. You can then look at the best leadership style for your business and see how can develop leaders within your team.

Workshop 4 – tbc September 2020 – 2-5pm This workshop will cover how performance was managed and strategies were developed to beat the competition. Giving you processes and ideas to use in your business


To book email: tim@team-i.co.uk 

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