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'                           No. 226 • March 2001 • Circulation 22,000


                                                                                       Skips in all sizes
                                                                                       delivered to your
                                                                                     home or workplace

                                                                                       Sand & gravel delivered
                   the positive news force in Swindon
                     and the swindon wide what's on guide

                          Win a Mothers Day meal for the family             Shop for a better deal
                          by visiting the Swindon town centre
                          Farmers' Market on 8 or 22 March.                 for farmers in poorer countries during
                          Details on page 20.                                Fairtrade Fortnight: 5 to 18 March.
                          Three producers at the Farmer's Market: Sue Palmer,  Look for the Fairtrade logo and
                          Katherine Young and Rosemary Tuck                    see page 31 for local events.

      Classmates say                                                                      There's a warm
    farewell to Shaun                                                                   elcome from Mr Ali
    Greendown School students are                                                         and his staff at
    raising money to create a lasting                                                    "Purton 's hidden
    memorial to their friend Shaun
    Shirley who was tragically killed                                                   Indian treasure"
    near the West Swindon Centre
    on 17 January. See page 39.
    Some of Shaun's special friends,
    front from left, Ashley Brickell, Ben
    Hartley, Daniel Head, Richard                                                      Mahc vcijak
    White. Back, Scott Dee, Toby Fox,
    Jason Uzzell, Steven Rackham
                                                                                              Fully licenced
                                                                                         Tandoori & Balti Restaurant
                                                                                       6 High Street, Purton
                                                                                        Tel: 01793 770998/770253
                                                                                            Fax: 01793 770998
                                                                                       Free takeaway delivery
                                                                                       Open: 7 days a week, 5.30pm to midnight
                                                                                              (incl Bank Holidays)
                                                                                       Thurs, Sat, Sun lunch: 12noon - 2.30pm
                                                                                        The Maharajah      From
                                                                                       parking  Purton  Pertcn Road  W'  8
                                                                                        Lyd,ard   Past oer,  parcells
                                                                                                  M a Elms
                 Get fundraising for Red Nose Day on 16 March                                     B $haw
                                                                                            Westlea, Fresnbr ook, Grange Park. Toothihl
             Call 09068 - 202001 for a fundraising pack •
                   Call The Link if you're doing something special: 872282
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