Simple home renovation ideas that won’t break the bank

By Jamie Hill - 30 March 2020

Home and Garden

When it comes to planning home renovations, it’s very easy to let our imaginations, and wallets, run away with us. Before long, you will have spent a virtual fortune, and you’ve not yet ventured any further than the mood boards of Pinterest.

However, a lack of budget needn’t extend to a cap on creativity, and there are more ways than ever to carry out home renovations on a budget. Are you up to the challenge?

Splash on some colour

One of the easiest ways to alter your home’s appearance is to treat your walls to a fresh coat of paint. A paint job needn’t cost the earth, and it can breathe new life into the darkest of corners. Whether you decide to go bold, or stay reserved with muted colours or a feature wall, painting your home could help you to see your property in a new light.

Play around with lighting

Speaking of light, the way you allow natural light to flow into and around your home could play an important part in any renovation projects you undertake. Skylights, for example, have become a popular way to turn an attic or loft space into a useable room, while new, larger windows will give the impression of space regardless of your room sizes. For those on a budget, Plantation-style shutters will control the flow of light around your home and help to heat or cool your rooms as the seasons dictate. What’s more, the addition of stylish shutters will transform your décor and cut down on noise pollution from the outside world. Besides natural light, stylish lamps, light fittings and even fairy or string lights can work wonders in any space.

Explore different textures

Texture plays a massive role in a home’s function and appearance. From smooth wooden flooring and cool tiles to fuzzy carpets, drapes and exposed brickwork, there are different textures to be found all over our homes; why not play around with a few? Dress wooden floors with a cosy rug to bring a room together, experiment with curtains, or remove layers of paint or paper to expose the stonework around a chimney breast. There are so many possibilities and many of them are budget-friendly.


Don’t be afraid to accessorise. Why not brighten your home with some colourful trinkets? Soft furnishings, such as cushions, ornaments, cut flowers, photo frames and decorations can go a long way towards renovating a room. They add personality and purpose relatively cheaply and easily. Small items, which can be moved from room to room, will bring character and colour without making any permanent changes to your home.

Upcycle beloved items

The furniture is what makes a room. Furniture and fixtures you choose can say a lot about you and will very quickly alter the look and feel of any space. It can be tempting to get rid of anything that won’t fit in with your plans to rejuvenate your home, however, replacing furniture and even smaller fixtures can become a costly job – particularly if you’re easily bored. Upcycling remains a popular way for homeowners to renovate their belongings and will allow your imagination to run wild. Covering a sofa, sanding and staining an old table and dyeing soft furnishings will help you to renovate at a fraction of the cost.

Get clever with storage

You can quickly and easily transform the appearance of your home by getting rid of clutter; now is a great time to sort out those boxes you may have hidden out of sight. Any alcove could quickly become a bookcase, and under-stair storage should be maximised to its full potential. Funky storage boxes, floating shelves and even clever storage built into furniture could refresh your home with little effort or pressure on the purse strings.

Shop around

With so many brands and DIY tutorials out there, it certainly pays to shop around. Are you paying the very best price for expertise, materials or consultation? Home and garden shows, workshops and seminars are a great way to learn a few tips and tricks without breaking the bank. What’s more, you’ll likely pick up ideas you’d not considered, as well as useful hacks for transforming your living space.

Bring the outside in

We’re quickly learning how beneficial the great outdoors and nature can be for mental health and well-being. With that in mind, why not try to bring a little of that into your home? Potted plants can quickly brighten any home and its inhabitants’ moods, and aren’t expensive to source. When strategically placed around the home, these flowers and plants will add colour and atmosphere, while transforming any room’s theme or purpose.

There are plenty of ways to renovate and transform your home without breaking the bank. By applying a lot of imagination and more than a little elbow grease, the home of your dreams is closer than you think.

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