Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Did you Race for Life? Find your picture here!

Hundreds of women donned pink and threw themselves into the Race for Life event at Lydiard Park on Sunday. They joined thousands of others around...

Sport and Leisure

New inflatable attraction set to breathe new life into Cotswold Country Park

Cotswold Country Park and Beach are set to open a new inflatable aquapark on Friday. As part of a major new revamp, management company...

Can Swindon come back after unhappy season?

It’s the end of an unhappy campaign for Swindon Town and many fans will have been relieved to hear the final whistle blow on...

Better Swindon team show age is no barrier to fun and fitness

A team from Swindon represented their district when competing against 120 over 55-year-olds at the 2017 Better Club Games and Olympic-style event for older...


Are you a poet but didn’t know it?

Have you ever entered a poetry competition? If you are a closet poet it’s a great way to test yourself. Winning poems have a few...

The Spirit of Swindon: Sport, media and culture: Creating opportunity for rest and play

By Tom Wilkes of Spirit of Swindon Poverty, health and education have all featured in our articles so far. The connection between these topics and...

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