England's 6 best matches in the history of the Rugby World Cup

By Swindon Link - 14 October 2023


The Rugby World Cup has captivated fans from across the globe since its inception in 1987. England has always been a rugby powerhouse. When it comes to the World Cup, England has been at the heart of numerous unforgettable moments. England's track record is nothing short of awe inspiring, marked by triumph, heartbreak and sheer determination. In this article, we will delve into some of England's best and most memorable matches in the history of the Rugby World Cup.

England vs. Australia 2003 Final


We kick off with perhaps the most iconic moment in England's rugby history. In the 2003 World Cup final, England faced off with Australia in Sydney. It was here that Jonny Wilkinson's unforgettable drop goal secured England their first-ever Rugby World Cup victory with a final score of 20-17. Wilkinson was known for his precise kicking, which played a pivotal role in the drama of the match. He scored three penalties, and in the final moments of extra time, he delivered the one final drop goal that is etched into rugby folklore, making England World Cup champions for the first time. The 2003 final was watched by millions of fans around the world, and the heroics of the England team certainly impacted the status of rugby as a global sport and inspired countless young athletes to take up the sport.


England vs. Australia 1991 Final


It has not always been an easy path to glory for the England team, but that is not to say that all the matches, even those lost, did not have iconic moments that forged the team’s identity. The 1991 Rugby World Cup final was one of these monumental clashes. England faced off against the Wallabies at Twickenham. Despite a valiant effort, the team fell short and lost 12-6. Even though the team faced defeat, this match marked England's first-ever appearance in a Rugby World Cup final, which is a significant milestone in their rugby history and set the scene for the triumphs to come.


England vs. France 2007 Semi-final


Another classic moment in Rugby World Cup history was the semi-final of 2007 where England took on France in a nail-biting encounter. After a tense battle, England emerged victorious with a narrow 14-9 win over France, securing their place in the final against the formidable South African team. This hard-fought match showcased England's sheer resilience under immense pressure.


England vs. Ireland 2011


In the 2011 Rugby World Cup, England faced their neighbours in a dramatic pool stage match. In the end, England emerged triumphant, coming out on top with a 20-9 win which showcased their ability to perform on the global stage. England and Ireland are two absolute titans of the rugby world, and anytime they meet is sure to be a major match.


England vs. Wales 2007


England's rivalry with Wales in the 2007 tournament produced an incredibly memorable match that will go down in the history of the sport. England ended up winning 28-17, securing their place in the quarterfinals and leaving fans astounded and anticipating what was to come. Both England and Wales have a long rich history filled with phenomenal players and fanbases that make match days something to behold.


England vs. South Africa 2019 Final


This was a dramatic clash between England and South Africa. England's whirlwind journey to the Rugby World Cup Final in 2019 is etched in the memory of rugby fans the world over. In the end, England faced defeat against South Africa, but the journey to the final itself proved a serious testament to England's skill, teamwork and dedication.




England has a rich history in the Rugby World Cup that is decorated with moments of glory, heartbreak and sheer determination. From historic victories over numerous rugby giants to intense matches that forged the team’s identity throughout the ages. England's journey through the tournament over the years has been an incredibly emotional one for fans and players alike. As England continues to compete at the highest level, often setting the standard for international rugby, the matches mentioned in this article serve as a reminder of the passion around the sport and the phenomenal spirit of its players. England's performance on the Rugby World Cup stage is synonymous with excellence, passion and a commitment to the beautiful game that is rugby.


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