Thinking outside the box: Dreambox founders look back on three years of growth

By Ben Fitzgerald - 6 September 2018

  • Dreambox founders Chris and Beth

    Dreambox founders Chris and Beth

Beth Garrett set up fledgeling company Dreambox “almost by accident” with her builder husband Chris - when injury forced them to take a step back and rethink everything...

Through a combination of self-belief, hard graft and spotting a gap in the market, the company has established a firm foothold in the three years since it was founded.

Dreambox produces a range of tasteful handcrafted furniture, toy boxes and teepees which are almost guaranteed to light up any child’s bedroom.

And they must be doing something right because a steady flow of orders has seen the firm take on four new members staff at its Cheney Manor Road base in addition to Chris and Beth.

Beth, who was training to be a barrister at the time, explained that the company grew from difficult circumstances: “Chris had to take some time off work because he had to have an operation on his shoulder - at that point he started thinking that he was getting too old to be carrying around heavy pieces of plasterboard. It set us thinking about what else we could do.”

Chris, a carpenter by trade, had the idea of crafting a few toy boxes to sell and within three months the fledgeling company was inundated with enquiries.

“We were both had careers so it was quite daunting to take that step to really make a go of Dreambox - but what it did mean was that we are able to spend more time with our three young children - Hayden, 7, Cohen, 5, and Eliana, 3.

“It’s daunting but also very exciting.”

Beth explained that Dreambox was looking to build on the existing product line - having already added teepees, wooden wall letters, child-sized chairs, tables and bookshelves.

“The next step for us is to produce some traditional beds - we have had quite a few requests for personalised beds so those will be launched shortly. Although it is hard work, we feel very blessed to have had such success - we are aiming for slow and steady growth to continue to build on what we have created.”

For more information about Dreambox products contact 01793 950906

Or visit the company website:


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