Stagecoach West are onboard for staff wellbeing initiative

By Swindon Link - 10 October 2018


The Managing Director of Stagecoach West, Rupert Cox, has signed up to a new initiative to help keep bus company staff feeling healthy and happy.

Mr Cox is supporting an eight-week kickstart programme to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of staff.

Today is World Mental Health Day and the bus operator is running the Stagecoach Wellbeing & Safety Week. The UK’s Stagecoach Group is believed to be the first transport company to introduce such a nationwide staff wellness scheme.

The home-based #DrivingFitnessTogether plan aims to help the Stagecoach staff improve their physical and emotional health through a series of videos covering physical workouts as well as other aspects of wellbeing including nutrition, hydration, stress management, goal setting, confidence and sleep management.

The programme was devised specifically for Stagecoach employees by wellness coach Ellie Hopley. A series of videos have been recorded which will be made available to staff through the company intranet. 

Ellie said: “If we’re healthier, fitter and stronger, it can have benefits for our mental health as well and help us make better decisions and do a better job.”

The videos – which also feature Stagecoach employees - cover an 8-week physical workout plan as well as guidance on all aspects of wellbeing. Employees will also have access to a wellbeing guide and exercise plan in booklet form.

TV presenter Ferne McCann, who previously learned how to drive a bus with Stagecoach, and stars in the videos, said: “This is such a fantastic initiative and it’s just great that Stagecoach is making this programme available to so many employees. I’ve tried it and I know it works so I want to wish everyone well in their fitness journey and hope they enjoy it along the way.”

“If we’re healthier, fitter and stronger, it can have benefits for our mental health as well and help us make better decisions and do a better job. 

“The beauty of this programme is that it can be done at home, in your own time, and to your own level so I really hope the Stagecoach staff take advantage of it, enjoy it and feel the benefits.”

Rupert Cox said: “The wellbeing of our staff is hugely important. We all spend a large part of our lives at work so it’s important that we support each other and look after our health. 

“This initiative is another example of the innovative steps we are taking around wellbeing and we hope employees will make the most of this fantastic opportunity to find out more about how to stay healthy and happy.”

Stagecoach’s Wellbeing & Safety Week is part of the Group’s four-week Getting There Together campaign which focuses on the key areas ofcustomer service, safety, wellbeing, community, environment and inclusion. 

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