Anything can happen when you are out leafleting!

By Ben Fitzgerald - 24 October 2018

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A monthly column by Lib Dem councillor Cllr Stan Pajak


The council will be issuing penalty charge notices of up to £113 under the Traffic Management Act if drivers block dropped kerbs and driveways or double park. The action follows the many complaints of pedestrians and the annoyance caused to those with pushchairs, mobility scooters and those with visual impairments and households who get their driveways blocked. The council is recommending residents report instances online. The phone number is 01793 445506.

I have been a councillor for 33 years but probably delivering our regular Focus leaflets for some 36 years. However this year I had the most extraordinary experience when delivering. I heard some fluttering but carried on walking to the door with leaflet in hand – the door opened and a man somewhat aghast opened it and said I had a parrot on my head. I could now feel something on my head and putting my hand up got pecked. Richard, a friend, walked by and stopped in his tracks and declared I had a beautiful red parrot on my head that didn’t want to come off. I rang my wife who I knew was on her way home from Holy Rood school and told her. Needless to say she didn’t believe me hence the selfie to prove it was true! Together with her friend Christine they came and managed to catch it and together we took him home. We contacted the vet and they put us in contact with a specialist vet who duly took him in. He was an Australian King Parrot worth over £500 and alas much to my wife’s disappointment needed special care and reuniting with his owner. Who says leafleting isn’t exciting!     

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