How to make a marriage proposal - turns out, you might be doing it wrong!

By Swindon Link - 13 December 2018

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A marriage proposal is a very exciting moment for every man or woman in love who wants to tie the know with their partner.

Most men are really worried about how to make this exciting moment beautiful and impressive, even if they are sure that their woman is likely to answer “yes”. The organization of the marriage proposal is especially important in case one is not totally sure that the answer of the girl will be 100% positive. Therefore, one should do everything possible to make the proposal impressively.

One of the best options for organizing a marriage proposal is to employ marriage agency - a service for success. The experts working in such agencies can offer a list of impressive options, like proposal in a botanic garden, on the seashore, in a posh restaurant, on the river during the sunset, etc. They will make sure your marriage proposal is the most inspiring, beautiful and happy moment in the life of your couple. However, if you are not going to employ a marriage agency, you can do pretty much yourself to make everything perfect. 

There are several aspects that can become the main ingredients of a successful marriage proposal: a beautiful place, make sure that the weather is fine, or that the location you are on is comfortable; there are not many people around in case you are shy or not confident enough; 
the ring you have bought is of the correct size. 

Find the correct moment for making a proposal; on the other hand, there may never be a moment perfect enough, and also, such proposals can always be unexpected. Therefore, do not wait forever for the perfect moment, just find a suitable time. 

Try not to be over-worried, although obviously it is not easy. However, if you are too excited, you will likely mumble, which is not the best scenario for a happy marriage proposal. Also, try not to seem unconfident, because the girl may think you are not sure whether it is worth making a proposal. 

If you are totally sure that the answer will be positive, you can have more fun together about it. Organize a party, ask friends to participate and help you, do something funny and bright, you can even do some jokes or organize a prank. 

In case you are not so sure that you will get positive answer right away, it is better to organize your marriage proposal in a classic and romantic way. Book a table in a beautiful restaurant, or invite the girl to another stylish and beautiful place; a bright festival or, on the contrary, some nice quiet place will be the best. Be sincere and confess that you are aware of your chances. Do not hesitate to give your lady time for thinking, even if this time will take a week or two. Do not demand an answer right away, and try to be patient. In case she asks for time, spend the rest of the evening in a pleasant mood and enjoy your date. However, if you do everything right, she will most likely say “yes” right away. 

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