Top Side Hustles for Swindon Residents to Engage In This Year

By Staff Reporter - 31 January 2019


As we start the New Year, we have decided to start the year with a difference. Instead of just reporting what’s going on in different parts of the town, this year, we want all Swindon residents to discover financial freedom. It is against this background that we have written this article which seeks to share with all Swindon residents the top side hustles that they can engage in this year. The belief, hopes and aspirations are that by employing one or more of the ‘hustles’ listed below, all Swindon residents will be able to achieve financial freedom. 

Sharing Economy 

In recent times, the world has seen the emergence of ‘sharing economy’. Sharing economy is basically an economic model premised on the principle that an ordinary person can share what he/she has with another ordinary person. This model, therefore, seeks to eliminate the middleman. Examples of sharing economy ‘hustles’ include Uber drives and Airbnb businesses. All Swindon residents know that Swindon is one of the most visited towns in the UK, as such, this, therefore, presents a good opportunity for all residents to share whatever they may have with visitors. For those who own cars, they may join the Uber world and earn some extra cash from ferrying visitors from one point to the other. For those who own residential homes, they may rent their homes for a few days to visitors and in the process, earn some extra cash. Regardless of what you own, thanks to the sharing economy model you are able to earn some cash i.e. if you are willing to share with others. 

Online Gambling 

One of the main reasons which make the UK a liberal region is the fact that activities such as online gambling are legal. As such, all Swindon town residents ought to take advantage of UK’s liberalism to earn funds from online gambling. Online gambling is an activity which can be done by virtually everyone. Those who love playing casino games can engage in online gambling by playing table and card games as well as slot games. Those who are fond of sports can engage in online gambling by placing sports bets at online sportsbooks. Those who are interested in worldly things such as politics, economics and entertainment news can also engage in online gambling via novelty betting. If you haven’t joined the online gambling bandwagon but looking forward to doing so, you can simply visit NoviBet, an online casino which allows you to engage in all forms of online gambling in one place. 

Selling Gigs 

You may have heard the term ‘gig economy’ before. What this term simply means is that someone offering a service is paid only after he provides that service. For instance, if you are offering writing services, you are paid once you have offered the writing services. The world is fast moving to a gig economy and as such, all Swindon residents have to start partaking in the gig economy for their own benefit. Regardless of the skills you possess, you will always find someone in need of that particular skill set, someone ready to pay you for your skills.  

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