1995 November: Duke’s award followers sleep out in home made shelters

By Roger Ogle - 18 February 2019

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Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme participant Vicky Hornby wrote:

On 29 September the Duke of Edinburgh group camped out at Greendown Community School, except we had no tents.

We all got on and worked really well with each other. Our shelters took over an hour to make and ours ended up looking like a toblerone. It was a bit of a squash with nine of us in there.

Later on most of us went across to Lydiard Park but came back at about 9pm with our trainers soaked. We went into other peoples tents and talked for most of the night. Most of us fell asleep at about 4am.

In the morning we were woken up by the boys pulling the plastic sheeting off our shelter and then we had our pictures taken. We all went home at about 7.45 in the morning and were very tired.

Since then we have all become better friends and are looking forward to the next trip. I just hope it isn't so cold.

Pictured: Putting up their shelters, Melanie Rucker and Rachel Lawrence with Duke of Edinburgh leader Nick Stenning, front right, with from left to right, Rosemary Ogle, Becky Chester, Kerry Webb, Uan Harrison, Rachel Almond, Anish Harrison

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