Tattoos, booze and poos - the mum guide to kids 'getting fed up with food'

By Staff Reporter - 26 February 2019

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In her monthly column Sara Witham discusses the highs and lows of being a parent. This month she discusses the kids' diet.

I made pancakes with banana and eggs (initially for the one year old) then curiosity got the better of him and he sidled over…

‘Are they pancakes Mummy?’

‘Ummmm yeees, kind of’

‘Can I try one?’

‘Ummm yeees sure’

‘What do they have in them?’

Ok so I have a policy where I don’t like to lie (much) to the kids so I tell him I will let him know what’s in them when he’s eaten one.

So he eats two. Then I tell him.

Oh my goodness, utter meltdown, gagging etc.

He then says… ‘Mummy that’s not really what’s in them is it? I mean you’re joking aren’t you?’

So I’m forced to lie.

The one year old on the other hand hated them but has an irrational obsession with ‘nanas’ he has just seen one on telly (bloody Ainsley and your kids cooking programme) and literally lost it in the middle of stuffing sausages into his mouth shouting ‘NANA’ repeatedly til I delivered. I have never got the skin off one so fast. He is pretty loud and bossy for a small person.

I’m just pleased he’s eating given the lurgy that has been going round for weeks. No one warned me about having two ill kids. Anyone else find this the epitome of bleak?

Not only are you worried sick, you have two small people to nurse, needing to be surgically attached to you plus the numerous trips to the walk in at all hours of the night and day.

Sleeping (when you get a chance) is on the floor, sofa or chair – basically anywhere possible that might enable you to be in the eyeshot of a small person and shut your own eyes. I find they love to come and prise them open for you at every opportunity though. How lovely.

Pulling an all nighter is now a regular thing in our house and not in the fun way we used to. You can’t even drink as I think that behaviour might be slightly frowned upon at the walk in…

Words by Sara Witham

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