1980s: Bulbs brightened up West Swindon each Spring, until they were ignored or obliterated

By Roger Ogle - 2 March 2019

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Thamesdown Borough Council's parks department excelled itself in designing and setting out two spectacular Spring bulb displays in the early 1980s. Spring is Sprung was planted on a bank between Toothill and Great Western Way. It could be seen by drivers speeding along the road and was a pleasant surprise for passengers on trains heading for Bristol, or approaching Swindon station.

Gradually the trees also planted on the bank grew tall to blot out the bulb display, although brief glimpses of surviving bulbs can be seen between tree trunks each year.

Swing Into Spring was planted on the grass bank between Tewkesbury Way and Westlea, close to the Toothill footbridge. It survived for about five years before council staff mowed the decaying flowers and leaves to destroy any chance of the bulbs reappearing again.

Now West Swindon Parish Council is planting large numbers of bulbs on green areas across the area, providing a colourful welcome to Spring each year.

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