The Growing Popularity of Swedish Snus

By Swindon Link - 5 March 2019

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The use of snus has become increasingly prevalent among people who can’t stop using tobacco completely. While its sale is illegal across the EU, the moist snuff is popular in Sweden where it is manufactured, in Norway (which is not an EU member), and the United States. So why are many people using the Swedish snus instead of cigarettes or other tobacco products for their nicotine fix? Read on to find out.

The tobacco in Swedish snus is steam pasteurised, not fermented like other types of smokeless tobacco. This process inhibits the growth of microbes that form a cancer-causing chemical known as tobacco-specific nitrosamines which is commonly found in other smokeless tobacco products. Consequently, snus has little to no risk of lung cancer, oral cancer, and pancreatic cancer. This type of smokeless tobacco also does not have the harmful combustion products that cigarettes do, making it a less dangerous substitute for smoking. 

Quality Standards 
Unlike other smokeless tobacco products, Swedish snus is regulated based on standards that ensure that consumers get products with the highest quality and minimal risk. The quality standard for snus is known as the Gothiatek standard – it is the industry standard for maximum allowable levels of certain undesirable substances like metals, nitrosamines, aldehydes, and mycotoxins in Swedish snus. 

The Gothiatek standard comes in three parts: consumer care which ensures low limits of undesirable substances, quality through 100% control from tobacco planting to packaging and openness through information about the company’s products and research results. 

Varieties and Flavours 
Other smokeless tobacco products don’t come in many varieties and flavour options. With snus, there are tons of varieties and flavours to choose from. The varieties and flavours keep increasing as new brands join the Swedish snus industry. SnusDirect, an online store that sells Swedish snus, stocks a variety of snus from popular brands like Siberia, Mocca, Kaliber, and LYFT. The flavours available include vanilla, berry, coffee, mint, eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, dried fruit, honey, lemon, and lime. 

Is An Effective Smoking Cessation Aid 
Snus is popular among tobacco users for two main aspects. First, it is safe as it does not contain harmful chemicals present in other smokeless tobacco products. Second, it can be used as a long-term solution, unlike other nicotine alternatives which are supposed to be used for only a few months. 

Swedish snus is increasingly becoming popular due to the convenience of it, realized by its users. Additionally, it has low rates of oral, lung and pancreatic cancers as well as respiratory diseases. This has made it a great substitute for smoking and other smokeless tobacco products.

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