Planners throw out plans to demolish Victorian-era Clifton Street School building and replace it with 10 flats

By Ben Fitzgerald - 8 March 2019

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Planners have thrown out proposals to demolish the Victorian-era Clifton Street School - and using the site to build a block of ten flats.

Planners said the proposed development would result in the loss of a building of ‘local significance’ and that the plan ‘fails to conserve the significance of the heritage asset’.

Swindon Borough Council planners continue that the proposed building was not in keeping with the area, would provide a ‘poor level’ of housing for anyone living there in terms of providing natural light, ventilation and views. 

And planners raised concerns over the potential risk of increased flooding to nearby buildings and its effect on a public footpath running alongside. 

Campaigners opposed to the plan had raised a 1,000 signature petition on the website entitled ‘Do not allow the demolition of Clifton Street School’.

The building on the corner of Radnor Street, was built in 1884, and is a valuable part of Swindon’s heritage. It is owned by Sukhvir Singh Mander of G&D Estates who has already demolished a section of the listed building without seeking permission from the council.

In his petition, campaigner Ben Blakey said: “Clifton St School is a valuable part of Swindon's heritage, which has been eroded in the name of progress. Developers have run roughshod over Swindon's heritage for many years. We lost Even Swindon School, it is imperative that Clifton Street School is not only saved from demolition, but also restored.”


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