Swindon carers back national campaign to make sure elderly eat well and stay hydrated

By Swindon Link - 11 March 2019


Swindon carers are throwing their weight behind a national campaign and urging older people to take care of themselves through good nutrition and hydration.

  • Ben Curtis, Managing Director of Bluebird Care Swindon

    Ben Curtis, Managing Director of Bluebird Care Swindon

This week, from 11 March to 17 March, is National Nutrition & Hydration Week, to highlight and educate people on the value of food and drink in maintaining health and wellbeing.

The team at Bluebird Care Swindon will be redoubling their efforts during the awareness week to encourage their customers – most of them elderly people in and around Swindon – to make sure they remain hydrated through drinking regularly, and are eating healthy food.

Ben Curtis is Managing Director of Bluebird Care Swindon, whose carers help look after elderly people and vulnerable adults, so they can remain living at home.

“One of the most important factors for our customers in retaining independence is to ensure they eat well and remain hydrated,” he said. “Dehydration in particular is a common and very serious condition for older adults, which can lead to hospitalisation and a loss of independence. 

“It’s part of our carers’ role to remind our customers to drink regularly and to eat well, and Nutrition & Hydration Week is a good excuse to reinforce this message.”

Advice that Bluebird Care Swindon gives its customers includes regularly drinking water or hot drinks, eating food with a high water content, and keeping a jug of water near to hand.

The five-a-day guideline – eating five portions of fruit or veg per day – is promoted as part of healthy eating. Ben added: “This can be quite varied, and include fresh, frozen or tinned foods. People who have their five a day are less likely to suffer from heart disease and certain cancers.”

Bluebird Care Swindon recently achieved the Care Quality Commission’s maximum endorsement of ‘outstanding’ for providing a caring service. It offers a realistic alternative to residential care by allowing people to stay in their own homes with care and support. The support can involve one or more short visits a day, extending to overnight help.

For more information about Bluebird Care contact Ben on 01793 239 499, email bencurtis@bluebirdcare.co.uk or visit www.bluebirdcare.co.uk/swindon.

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Seems like a lucrative industry to be in locally, seeing as 80% of our council tax goes to supporting the elderly or vulnerable adults. Is asking people to drink more water really bringing anything to the table? Even if it is, it's certainly not 'news'

Posted: 11 March 2019, 10.07PM by: Chelmernick

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