7 Tips on How to Keep Your Office Organised

By Swindon Link - 18 March 2019

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Did you know that an organised office allows for more productivity and efficient work performance? Consider how much easier it is to find various items when your office is clutter free. Eliminating distractions and keeping the office organised can help maintain a focused mind and streamlined operations. Here we discuss seven tips on how to keep your office organised.

  1. Make provision for clear areas

Accumulating office items that don’t have a functional purpose can take up space unnecessarily and lead to an unorganised area. An easy way to combat this problem is to designate clear and functional areas in the office as decluttered zones. In this way, you ensure that there is enough space to engage and interact with clients as well as run your daily operations and routines effectively. 

  1. Declutter your drawers

Keeping work space surfaces neat and tidy on a daily basis is a good start. However, to achieve this many employees resort to throwing items into their desk drawers which is a short-lived solution. Make the effort to throw out all clutter in the drawers and reorganise your drawers so you know exactly where everything is. Chances are, you will probably find some interesting (and useless) items!

  1. Restructure your office

Once you have decluttered functional surfaces and desk drawers, take the time to evaluate your office layout and decide how you can best optimise space. Try rearranging furniture so that the space becomes more comfortable. This will improve the productivity and efficiency of operations. Handy tip: start by arranging your desk, filing cabinets and bins for quick and easy access. 

  1. Take advantage of self storage

The process of decluttering will highlight many items that take up space in the office. While some of these items can be thrown out or donated, others may be needed in the future. For example, certain files and documents are crucial for keeping records, but simply cannot be stored in the office. 

Business self storage has proven to be an incredibly convenient way to safely store your office items off-site. Renting a self storage unitwill provide you with a safe space to keep your belongings while simultaneously organising your office. The convenience and accessibility of self storage means that you can access your items whenever you wish. Be sure that you use the services of a reliable self storage brand that you can trust with your confidential files and documents. 

  1. Develop a filing system

Different businesses operate in different ways. While there is no right or wrong way to manage your documents and files, it is important that the system is easy to maintain. Design methods that you and your employees can easily follow, such as filing alphabetically, by date or by client. Apply the same methods to both hardcopy and electronic filing to keep the system uniform. When these files start to take up too much office space, consider an alternative storage solution. 

  1. Make use of in-office storage

There are times when you need to keep certain items neatly stored on site. In these instances, try to equip your office with aesthetically pleasing storage furniture, for example stylish boxes and containers. This will allow you to keep items on-site without affecting the productivity or atmosphere of the office space. 

  1. Maintain a cleaning schedule

Cleaning up as you go along is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep a space organised. A simple example of implementing this tip is to ensure that you clean your desk at the end of every day. If the problems extend beyond your desk and is impacting the feeling of the whole office, then a professional office cleaning service may be required. If you don' know of any cleaning companies your area, then you can try getting in touch with Ideal Cleaning who are trusted by companies all across the country (including the NHS). Enlisting the help of expert cleaners will take the problem out of your hands and will keep your office organised on a regular basis.

These are seven easy and effective ways to keep your office space organised and tidy, contributing to an efficient and productive work environment.  


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