Kicking into action - local Taekwondo instructor becomes blackbelt champion

By Claire Dukes - 4 April 2019

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  • Leanne Lolley (centre)

    Leanne Lolley (centre)

A Taekwondo instructor from Swindon has been named 'Blackbelt Female Sparring Champion' after competing in the Great Britain championships.

  • Paul Lolley and Leanne Lolley

    Paul Lolley and Leanne Lolley

  • Paul Lolley and his son, Zak.

    Paul Lolley and his son, Zak.

  • North Wilts Tae Kwon Do at Uplands School

    North Wilts Tae Kwon Do at Uplands School

Leanne Lolley, a senior instructor at North Wilts Tae Kwon Do, came out on top after recently competing in the GBTF's (Great Britain Tae Kwon Do Federation) ITC (International Tae Kwon Do) Northern Championships.

Leanne, 32, has been practicing Taekwondo since she was 16. After representing North Wilts Tae Kwon Do, she knocked out her competitors in her category and took away the title for ITC's Northern Continuous Blackbelt Female Sparring Champion.

Speaking of her win, Leanne said: "I'm very pleased - it's nice for myself and the club to achieve something on a bit more of a national level."

Leanne and her husband, Paul Lolley, are senior instructors at North Wilts Tae Kwon Do. Since Leanne joined the club in 2013, the pair have been teaching and developing martial arts practices with a wide range of age groups as well as abilities

Leanne said: "Tae Kwon Do is an art anyone can participate in regardless of age or ability, I have trained with lot of people over the last 16 years from small children to grandparents, and people with special needs to those naturally talented.

"It’s a great leveller - you meet and spend time with a cross section of society and it’s amazing what you learn from each and every person you meet. Everyone comes along to train for their own unique reason. For some it purely to build self-confidence or to get fitter, for others it’s to get out the house and socialise.

"Some people join as they want to compete, I joined as to spend time with now husband and learn some self-defence, I quickly got hooked. I now train with him and my step son. 

"We teach several times a week and we really strive to be a family club where everyone is included and has the same opportunities.

"I love competing as it gives me a real buzz and it’s nice to demonstrate to my students that what can be achieved if they train and apply themselves."

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