How to choose beard style for your face

By Jamie Hill - 9 May 2019

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Beards are all the rage nowadays. Here's your handy guide on what beard would suit you!

Not all beard styles suit all types of facial shapes. Before you start working with any styling shavers, it is important to identify the optimal beard shape for your distinct face shape. If you have no clue on how to style your bead, here are some tips that can effectively guide you:

Recognize the Shape of your Face

Understanding the shape of your face is key to determining if you will end up with a clean cut. You can easily find out the shape of your face. All you need to do is use a flexible tape to measure several areas of the face like:

  • Forehead – Start and end at the peaks of the eyebrow arches to measure the forehead.
  • Face length – Measure from the tip of the chin all the way to the hairline for accurate results on the length of your face. 
  • Jawline – To find the measurements of the jawline, measure from the tip of the chin to where it angles upwards below the ear. Repeat on the other side and add up the figures.
  • Cheekbones – To get the correct measurements of the cheekbones, place the tape on the pointiest parts below the corners of the eyes.

With the above measurements in place, you can find the main shape of your face below as well as the best style to go for.

  1. Round Shape

For the round shape, the face length and cheekbones record equal measurements that are larger than those of the jawline and forehead.

The best beard styles for this are the ones that are longer on the chin and shorter on the cheeks. Steer clear from long and thick beards with a round face.

  1. Oval Shape

Round jawlines and a face length that is greater than the width of the cheekbones are characteristic of oval faces.

Short beards that feature clean lines are a great option for this facial shapes that a majority of beard styles compliment. This is thanks to the even proportions the oval facial shape boasts of.

  1. Rectangular Shape

With a rectangular face, cheekbones, forehead, and jawlines are the same size, while the face length is greater than all of them.

Go for a beard that makes the face look fuller. Mutton chops, chinstrap beards, and chevron mustaches do a great job at enhancing the volume on your lower face.

  1. Diamond Shape

Features of this facial shape include a pointed chin, the largest face length measurements followed by cheekbones, forehead, and the jawline.

The best facial hair should be prominent around the chin going wider on the sides of your face and cheeks. Goatees and full beards are examples to try.

  1. Heart Shape

A heart-shaped face has a pointed chin and a forehead that is larger than the jawlines and cheekbones. Ideal styles include thick long beards, chin curtains, mutton chops or extended goatees.


  1. Square Shape

All measurements of a square face are pretty similar to a round jaw. The perfect beard style is the one that softly highlights the chin accentuating the jawline. These can include a floating mustache and a Balbo beard without the sideburns.

  1. Triangular shape

A triangular face has a jawline that is bigger than the cheekbones. The cheekbones are also bigger than the forehead. For the beard to look in place, get rid of hair on the cheeks and help the hair short and neat on the chin. A full mustache or a beard stache will make you look good.

Closing Remarks

Naturally, there is no one beard style fits all when you want to look your best. Rather than turn heads for the wrong reasons, always make sure you wear a flattering beard style following the advice above.

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