5 Reasons You Should Consider Working as a Taxi Driver

By Swindon Link - 21 May 2019

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Finding a new career is always a daunting task. No matter how well prepared you are, there will always be a million and one things that can go wrong. It is only natural to feel some level of apprehension when you are considering making a major change to your life. However, the more preparation you do beforehand, the better equipped you will be to take on any new responsibilities that come your way.

Working as a taxi driver might not be a career path that you have considered before, but it is a career path with a lot to offer. There are a number of reasons why working as a taxi driver could end up being the best decision you ever make. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to consider working as a taxi driver for your next job.

Meet a Variety of New People

This is one of the most common reasons that people are attracted to the idea of working as a taxi driver. Driving a cab will bring you into contact with a variety of people who you would otherwise probably never encounter. If you value variety in terms of the people you meet and the experiences you have, working as a taxi driver will be an incredibly fruitful source of new experiences.

If you aren’t very confident making small talk with strangers, you might find working as a taxi driver to be a lot less enjoyable - it definitely isn’t for everyone. There are also plenty of passengers who won’t want to talk, of course; not everyone relishes social interactions with strangers. No matter where you work, you will inevitably have to develop your communications skills. Whether you are communicating with customers, clients or your work colleagues, you can develop these skills while on the job.

You Love Driving

Obviously, driving a taxi will involve a lot of, well, driving. If you are someone who enjoys being behind the wheel, being a taxi driver is a no-brainer. Of course, you will have to drive sensibly and safely - you might be disappointed by how few people jump in your cab and tell you to, “follow that car!”. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have plenty of opportunities to enjoy just driving.

Working as a taxi driver will mean driving to the places and taking the routes that you would otherwise never come across. This will enable you to see scenery and landscapes that you might not even know exists in your local area. Whatever it is about driving that you enjoy, being a taxi driver means you’ll be able to enjoy them as part of your job.

Anyone Can Do it

There are very few restrictions on who can become a taxi driver. You will need to have all the appropriate licences, namely a full British driving licence and a taxi operator’s licence. If you have a criminal record then you might have difficulty obtaining a taxi operators licence. However, for minor historical offenses, it is unlikely you will be denied.

As taxi insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, you should compare taxi insurance prices at a site like Quotezone.co.uk. Insuring your taxi will generally be noticeably more expensive than insuring a regular vehicle. You should also note that if you have an accident in your regular vehicle while carrying paying fares, and you don’t have taxi insurance, your regular insurance policy will not usually cover you. 

Flexible Hours

Another one of the most common reasons given for working as a taxi driver is that it is a job that offers workers flexible working hours. Taxi drivers will either work as self-employed freelancers, or they will work for a taxi firm. In either case, taxis are required throughout the day, meaning that many businesses operate 24 hours a day.

This means that there will be shifts at all time of day that you can work, enabling you to select the hours that suit you the best. There aren’t many jobs that can offer the same flexibility in terms of working hours as a taxi driver can.


Money is always going to be an important consideration when thinking about a new job. You’ll be pleased to hear that working as a taxi driver can pay very well indeed. Depending on the area you work, you might be able to earn a decent amount of money just from your tips. Wherever you work, being a taxi driver pays reasonably well.

If you are looking for a job that enables you to enjoy good money, flexible working hours and a varied experience, working as a taxi driver should fit the bill. No two days will be the same when you are working as a taxi driver - it is a job that offers something different every day. 

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