Six Things To Consider When Looking For Your Dream Home

By Swindon Link - 4 July 2019

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It’s easy when searching for your dream home to think with your heart and not your head. Of course, it’s always important to go with your gut instinct and find something you truly love, but it’s also crucial to have a practical head when attending viewings. A dream home is unlike any other, and you shouldn’t have to make compromises if they can be avoided.

The points below explore the main items to be taken into account when searching for ‘the one.’

  1. Size 

If you’re looking for your forever home with no intention of moving again any time soon – if ever – then you not only need to ensure that the home is big enough for your current needs, but also that it’s big enough for any future needs you may have. You need to consider any eventuality when it comes to the size of the property. Ask yourself: 

  • Do you have any immediate family plans? 
  • Do you have any pets which need space?
  • Do you need office space? 
  • Do you need an extra room for storage? 

When you come to view a property, it might be perfect for everything you have now, but if it’s your dream home, then it also needs to be perfect for anything that might happen in your future. Never compromise on the space you really need, as you will only regret it later. 

  1. Do You Want an Existing Home or New Build?

It’s important to ask yourself whether you would prefer a sturdy home which has been lived in before, has had upgrades and refurbishment done on it – or perhaps has the option of you performing your own refurbishments – or you would rather have a completely new build in which nobody has lived, and it would be uniquely yours. 

The latter naturally comes with more modern features and décor, whereas a house which has been around for a long time may offer more traditional features, which might be within the structure such as beams or else just the general feel of the place. 

It’s also possible to consider both options and view different houses with an equally open mind. House building experts such as Redrow can offer you professional advice regarding new builds, and help you with viewing show homes. 

  1. Are You Looking for a Project or Ready to Move In?

Some people want to find their dream home exactly how they want it to be and move in knowing that no changes are needed. Others prefer to find a workable living space which they can improve to their own tastes. Some buyers even love the idea of a complete project, meaning the entire structure of the home might need to be rebuilt. 

It’s important before you begin viewing homes to decide how much work you’re willing to put in. This doesn’t only mean personally, but financially, too – what can you afford if your potential dream home did need improvements made to it? 

  1. Decide Your Absolute Maximum Budget

Naturally, you will have a price range in mind when you come to view houses and will have already spoken to mortgage and financial advisors regarding the maximum you can afford. Sometimes, however, there is always chance of wiggle room when it comes to the perfect home. If you find ‘the one’ which is a few grand over budget, for example, do you have family who could help with the excess, or do you have access to further savings you weren’t originally going to use? 

It’s a good idea to check your spare finances just in case the dream home shows up a little over budget. You don’t have to use the money, but you never know – and it will serve as a sense of security in the back of your mind. 

  1. Choose Your Location Wisely

Finding your perfect forever home is a battle in itself – but finding your dream home within a location you actually want to live is another fight entirely. You have to prepare yourself for the possibility that you may find exactly the home you’re looking for, in entirely the wrong location. 

The right location is just as important – if not more important – than the home itself. There may be compromises you’re willing to make on your home in order to have it in the perfect location, but compromising on the location can often lead to regret down the line. 

It’s better to make a list of exactly what you need location wise before you begin viewing houses. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you need a school nearby? If not now, then will you in the future if you have family plans? 
  • Do you need access to enjoyable walks if you have a dog? 
  • Do you need to be close to supermarkets? 
  • Do you want to be in travelling distance to family and friends? 

It can be a risky decision if you find your perfect home in the middle of the countryside, with no transport links and far away from anything, if what you ideally want is something within ten minutes of a supermarket and close to a school. 

6.  Parking Facilities 

Depending on how many vehicles you have in your household, you may need ample parking space. Unfortunately, this isn’t always provided with certain houses. It may be the case that you may not even have the opportunity to park on the street outside your house if it is a small location with many other parked cars around. 

The house may be perfect, but if an awkward parking situation is going to irritate you down the line, you might be best reserving your viewings to houses only which offer a driveway or generous street parking. Even if you have a manageable small car now, you don’t know what is going to happen in the future – a significant other may get their own car, or you may need to upgrade to a bigger vehicle if a family comes along, and you need to be prepared for what might happen. 

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