Digital marketing company celebrates landmark anniversary

By Claire Dukes - 26 August 2019

  • L to R: Tom Davenport (Director), Claire Espley (Digital Marketing Assistant) and Alex Booth (Digital Marketing Executive) - Photography ©Elizabeth Reaney

    L to R: Tom Davenport (Director), Claire Espley (Digital Marketing Assistant) and Alex Booth (Digital Marketing Executive) - Photography ©Elizabeth Reaney

Five years ago, Tom Davenport wanted to utilise his skills and knowledge from within the world of journalism and music to become an independent businessman. Today, he is the director of Digital Marketing Specialist Ltd (DMS) which is taking the marketing world by storm.

  • Photography ©Elizabeth Reaney

    Photography ©Elizabeth Reaney

Since the company's inception and moving into the Workshed, Swindon, last year Mr Davenport has accumulated a small team and some big clients. He attributes reaching Digital Marketing Specialist Ltd’s fifth year to the company's imbedded values, identifying a missed market in the creative sectors and changing the way businesses communicate with consumers.

He said: "The first year was all normal stuff, and it was very organic. I was working with quite normal businesses. The shift came from old connections in the music world who I met when they were in the early stages of their career.

"The creative sectors wanted advertising, so we started talking to them with this experience we gained from the outside – and they wanted that. They didn’t want people who were using the same old methods, they wanted someone to come in from the outside and really innovate."

One of the big guns which keep returning to use DMS's services is film distributor Trafalgar Releasing and has seen the team create ad campaigns for Nick Cave’s live concert show ‘Distant Sky’, Muse’s ‘The Drones World Tour’ and Coldplay’s documentary 'Head Full of Dreams.'

Despite the company's quick growth Mr Davenport's ultimate aim is to support businesses who have a good and meaningful product to sell which roots back to assisting Flash Pack becoming - according to Forbes - one of the fastest growing start-ups in the UK in 2012. Assisted by DMS's ad campaigns, within a year the start-up travel company - which offers adventurous trips for singletons - was valued at £13 million. It's these types of companies that DMS say they want to continue to support and learn from.

On working with Flash Pack Mr Davenport said: "I learnt a lot about marketing with integrity, aspiring to positively affect people’s experience at scale and lots of other technical stuff. So, Flash Pack has been a really big highlight for me.

"I’d love to be hearing from people like that. It suits us from a business perspective and a societal perspective. If I wasn’t satisfied that we’re doing good, positive work at scale then we don’t do it – which is why we turn away certain things. Anyone who has a genuinely good, positive and innovative product or service I would love to help them take that to people."

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