Beat the street ends today and 25,000 people in the town took part

By Tyler Ody - 6 November 2019


Beat the street saw approximately 25.00 people in Swindon rising to the challenge, the second year the community event has taken place.

Beat the street has been a game for children, teens and adults to get them to rack up the miles during a set period to promote healthy living. Teams and individuals were able to either walk, cycle and run to play the game. It's taken place from 25 September to today.

Beat the Street was put together by an organisation called Intelligent Health, funded by Swindon Borough Council and the National Lottery on behalf of Sport England.

Children under 11 played the game using a fob whilst those 12 years and over play with a card and there were Beat Boxes put up around the town for them to 'beat'.

Maps were provided by the participating schools for Beat the Street.

There were some brilliant prizes for indviduals and teams and players that are registerd were able to get a prize for a lucky tap on a random one of the Beat Boxes that are on lamposts around swindon.

On Saturday 16 November there is a Beat the Street prize event at Lydiard Park from midday to 3pm.

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