Career coach lends expertise to help homeless back to work

By Claire Dukes - 26 November 2019

  • Managing Director and founder of Correct Careers Coaching, Jamie Martin

    Managing Director and founder of Correct Careers Coaching, Jamie Martin

A careers coach is backing a local homeless charity's 2020 campaign in a bid to help its clients get back into employment.

  • Threshold Housing Link's Chief Development Officer, Michael Keenan

    Threshold Housing Link's Chief Development Officer, Michael Keenan

Managing Director and founder of Swindon-based Correct Careers Coaching, Jamie Martin, 32, is the first business to back Threshold Housing Link’s #Threshold2020 campaign.

As part of the campaign the psychology graduate, and former Reed Business Manager, is offering 20 hours of his time to help the charity’s residents get back into employment. Mr Martin joined the campaign in September after meeting Threshold Housing Link's Chief Development Officer, Michael Keenan.

Mr Martin said: "I met Michael a few months ago – it was at Friends of Threshold Housing event. He was so inspirational, and I really bought into him and found out more about Threshold Housing and how I can help.

“I expressed an interest to take part in the #Threshold2020 campaign, so he took me round to Threshold’s three properties where I met some of the residents and provided some career advice. It seems to have gone down really well. I am so delighted to take part.”

Michael Keenan added: “Jamie is an early adopter of the #Threshold2020 campaign. Threshold is providing an opportunity for individuals to donate 20 hours of their time to provide specialist consultation or skills expertise across the year to help the homeless.”

After leaving his position at Reed as Business Manager & Senior iSearch Partner, Mr Martin decided to take his own business venture. In July 2019 Mr Martin founded Correct Careers Coaching where he creates personalised development programmes for companies. He says that after meeting Mr Keenan he was inspired to give back to his local community by sharing his expertise in recruitment and career development.

He said: "Michael and the charity inspired me to give back to the local community - so if you’ve got knowledge then share that. Effectively that’s why I started my own company. I love Reed, and I will always speak highly of it, but I started my own business because I can do many different things in the role and company I have now and one of them is supporting the local community, doing things for charity and just helping Swindon and the surrounding areas overall.

“The first step at Threshold was getting to know the residents, - and them getting to know me - to build a comfortable environment, and also for me to demonstrate empathy to the fact that they’re in a situation which sometimes is beyond their control. It’s all confidential and they share what they’d like to share.

"One of my mains aims is to help the individuals find secure employment by updating their CVs, help them to prepare for interviews and understand how to locate jobs that are of interest to them. It’s about identifying what their capabilities are, what they are happy with and finding them the right company. We talk about their current situation, what they’re looking to get out of our meeting and also what challenges they are finding regarding employment.

“In one of the houses we have four residents openly speaking with me, and that was probably a really nice bonding experience. It will hopefully encourage them to continue to engage with each other, and to support one another.

“It’s not a one-time thing. It’s quite an emotional drain finding a new job, so it’s nice to be able to provide some support and guidance. I want to give my advice from my successes to others. My message is to inspire career success.”

Correct Careers Coaching is one of the first businesses to back the #Threshold2020 campaign, and both Mr Martin and Mr Keenan hope this will encourage others to get behind it.

Mr Martin said: “I think homelessness in Swindon is a big issue. I think with businesses helping Threshold tackle this societal issue it will not only help reduce homelessness in the local area but also help the employment market, because we are helping individuals back into that world.

“I also think that by backing the #Threshold2020 campaign it shows a united front from local businesses which would not necessarily usually work together by joining a campaign which can support the local community.”

Michael Keenan said, Threshold's Chief Development Officer, added: "It's so important to be able to support our residents across the steppingstones to realising their individual and personal journeys to finding success in their next steps towards employment or training.

“Making good choices in respect of a new career or educational course at a crucial moment can quite simply be life changing as it often provides for a fast route out of homeless hostels and a sustainable income for our clients. We would welcome expressions of help and assistance from all spheres and sectors.”

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