How To Find The Right Driving Instructor For You

By Swindon Link - 29 November 2019


When you see someone driving their car for the first time, you naturally assume it’s easy. They’re just steering a round wheel and pressing a pedal, but when you try it yourself for the first time, you start understanding that it isn’t really as easy as it seems. Sure, it’s no rocket science, but it takes a lot of practice and alertness.

Pretty much everyone can move their car around, but few know how to properly drive, which is why you see a lot of accidents in the streets. It is hard to pinpoint why so many people seem to be poor drivers, but one reason is they definitely didn’t properly learn. Like anything else in life, really, how you are taught makes the biggest impact on how good you’re going to be. This is why you have to find the right driving instructor. Here’s how you can do that. 

Are they legal?

Yes, driving instructors need to be legal. You can’t just use your own car and start charging people for driving lessons; it doesn’t work like that. You have to be accredited and licensed from your country to give those lessons. This is the first detail you need to look for, as dealing with a fraud probably won’t end well for either of you. And it is within your complete right to ask about those credentials, because it is your money and you have the right to find out if you’re dealing with a legitimate service provider. 


When it comes to finding a driving instructor, reputation is everything. What do people have to say about them? Fortunately, we live in a digital age, and you can easily find reviews about anything from plumbers to real estate companies. So, take the time to research your prospects and read up on what the reviews are saying about them. Are they trustworthy? Do they deal in a professional manner? What about their available cars? These are all the details that you need to find out before signing up with any instructor. 

Your personal preferences

Your own personal preferences will make a significant difference in your final choice. Some people like to drive automatic, while others prefer stick. Living in a city as big as Manchester with that many people, you’ll definitely have plenty of options to choose from. So, if you want automatic driving lessons in Manchester, you’ll have to make sure that this particular school has the option because some specialize in stick. Others offer both options for people who’d like either. The important thing is making sure they have the necessary cars for your needs, and for the best prices too, since automatic vehicles tend to be more expensive than stick.

First impression 

Let’s get one thing straight, you’re not going to be driving as good as the people from those Fast and Furious movies after a couple of classes. It takes time and practice on your end, and a lot of patience on the instructor’s end. This is why the first impression you make about them is very important. You don’t really need a driving instructor that would get frustrated at each wrong turn you make or every time you forget the rules, because those will happen quite often in the beginnings. They should be patient and kind, as this will make your learning experience much smoother. There are other factors that you should take note of, like how punctual they were on the first time, and more importantly how clean they as well as their vehicles are. You wouldn’t really like it if you got to learn in a car that smells. All of those factors matter, so trust your gut instinct when it comes to first impressions. 

Bonus features

Not all driving schools are alike, and some offer bonus features that might matter to you, so you should definitely inquire about those. For example, do they just offer driving lessons, or is there a theoretical part? You need to learn traffic laws as part of your instruction process, so that definitely counts. Also, how flexible are they with appointments? Some schools only operate in the morning, which might not be very comfortable for people who work day jobs. Those details might not seem important now, but they will make a difference in the efficiency and speed of the entire process for you. 

It might cross your mind to try and learn on your own, but that would be an unwise decision. How well you are taught early on will make a huge difference in the kind of driver you’re going to be, and the best possible way to get into the world of cars and driving is with the help of a professional instructor. 

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