Businesses against homelessness join charity sleep out

By Swindon Link - 5 December 2019


Corporate teams in Swindon are wrapping up to stay warm while sleeping out for one night to show their solidarity with Swindon’s homeless.

A Wiltshire-based national residential surveying company, White Horse Surveyors, have been supporting a range of charities since their launch in 2006.

The company says that supporting a variety of charities reflects their company values and mission and giving back to the community is part of the company’s corporate culture. The surveyors will be partaking in Threshold Housing Link's Big SleepOut tomorrow (Friday 6 December).

Claudia Sesterheim, CEO, said: “We are a family run business, operating with high standards and ethics. Over the past years we have strengthened our corporate culture and focused on how we interact as individuals via our selected behaviours. We realised that from the top down, we really believe that our strength lies in our people and in treating all of our employees and clients as individuals with specific needs and wants.

“All the work we do is ultimately to support individuals to get their own home. Having said this, it is a pleasure to therefore support Threshold’s Big SleepOut in order to display solidarity and support with those who experience homelessness. As far as I can see, the team here is very excited to either be part of, or contribute to, such an important event.”

Liz Graney, Digital Marketing Manager, said: “There’s a real buzz in the office about the event. It promises to be a fun night with lots of other individuals and companies all raising funds for such a great charity that Threshold Housing Link is. For us it’s only one night of slight discomfort however for those that are homeless there is no escape, night after night without the support of charities like Threshold would be unbearable. Being a forces veteran, I have a lot of experience of camping outside in varying conditions, but I also sadly know just how many veterans end up homeless and with no choice but to sleep out all year round. This is a cause close to my heart and this is a way I can support a charity that makes a real difference!

“We have a really great team at WHS and to be able to get involved with Threshold Housing Link was a perfect fit for our company values and culture. There is a real mix of experience when it comes to sleeping outside especially in the winter, but everyone is really positive and supporting each other to raise funds for the homeless charity’s Big Sleep Out!”.

James Powell, Marketing Assistant, said “It’s a real honour to be taking part in Threshold’s Big Sleep Out. Despite working in the property industry for many years, our team are always aware that not everyone lives in such fortunate circumstances. That’s why events like these are so important and present the perfect opportunity to give something back to the community."

Izzy Graney, 12 years old, a staff member’s daughter is quite excited to also attend and said: “We don’t talk about homelessness regularly in school. As both a scout and a cadet I am used to regularly sleeping outside, but I definitely wouldn’t want to have to do it every night in all weathers with nowhere else to go!”

Michael Keenan, the charity’s Chief Development Officer, said: “This year Threshold have received a great deal of registrations from corporate teams to join Swindon’s Big Sleep Out, which is fantastic. We welcome one and all to our annual solidarity event and the money raised will help Threshold make a truly meaningful difference to the lives of Swindon’s homeless.

“It’s a special year for Threshold as we celebrate 47 years of ‘Helping the Homeless of Swindon. Threshold’s BIG Swindon SleepOut brings out the most compassionate and caring individuals from all over the region and from within this great town. The event, brings together the most beautiful, selfless people, all in one place and at one time! It’s a real celebration of our humanity – individuals, corporate teams, community groups such as the Swindon Fire Cadets and whole families are attending, from little kids with their parents as young as 5 this year, to an elderly lady who is 87. It’s truly remarkable, there’s such an absolutely amazing energy and vibe being created.

“We'd love to extend our invitation to all of Swindon, to join us at this incredible community event. Threshold’s BIG Swindon SleepOut  will be held on Fri 6th Dec, from 8PM at the Supermarine Sports Club, spend a night under the stars in solidarity with all those that have no home. We serve a hot breakfast for all participants from 6AM the next morning. This event not only raises critical funds to help us carry out our mission, but it’s also a chance to meet other likeminded individuals dedicated to positive social action. It's a super family friendly event and there are lots of children with their parents attending this year, families are most welcome. We hear mum’s and dad’s telling us that they want to share this experience with their children, to know that there are many people in our town that aren’t as fortunate perhaps as most of us that live in a house and sleep in a nice warm bed each night.

“We've surpassed last year’s participant numbers weeks ago and it's gearing up to be the most powerful and socially impactful SleepOut we've ever hosted in our great town. Now there’s a last call for registrations - we're so hoping you'll join us.

"If you want to take part and join this extraordinary community event please visit Threshold’s website and register to get your ‘Sleeper Pack’ with all the info you will need, and please tell your friends!"

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