Internet Marketing Do's and Don'ts

By Staff Reporter - 27 February 2020

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In a world so technology-driven, internet marketing is an absolute necessity for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and penetrate new markets. It also creates an enormous opportunity for those who need to earn passive income from marketing products of other brands, promote their talents online, and earn a strong stay in the online market. This is especially the case, now that almost everyone has a smartphone or another device they can use to access the internet. However, the ones who make it in this highly competitive arena are the ones who approach internet marketing the right way. So what is the right way to approach internet marketing? some may ask. Well, this may not be your online marketing 101 class but here are some do"s and don’ts of internet marketing you want to know.

The Do’s in Internet Marketing 

Do Invest In a Powerful Mobile-Optimized Blog/Website

It goes without saying, that one of the first and most important things to do as an internet marketer is creating a blog or website through which to promote your content, products, or service. However, a majority of internet users access it through mobile devices. Creating a powerful site that has a “mobile-first” kind of theme when it comes to (UX) user experience will not only please your site’s users, but it will also be more attractive to search engines.

Do Invest in SMS Marketing

Unbeknownst to many, SMS marketing is one of the most powerful ways to supplement internet marketing and boost success. According to Uku Tomikas from Messente, as long as you know the best time to send a text message to your prospects, SMS marketing can be an incredible tool to incorporate in your strategies as an internet marketer. Sending an SMS to a customer at 2.AM or on a busy Monday morning will only end up upsetting your customer. However, sending it at the right time ensures that your message is well-received and that your target customers end up taking the desired action.

Do Invest in SEO


If you have a blog or website through which you’re selling or promoting your products or affiliate products, SEO is an important gun to have in your arsenal. It helps improve your visibility in organic search results and boosts traffic to your site, especially once you start ranking high on search engines. As much as it may cost you some time, effort, and money, you won’t regret investing well in SEO in the long run.

Do Employ Videos in Your Marketing Approach

Video is all the rage in their world of internet marketing. According to credible statistics, about 81% of businesses are using video in their marketing strategy in 2020. Those who employ videos have been seen to observe faster revenue growth compared to those who don’t.

Do Utilize Paid Ads

While a better portion of shoppers relies on organic search for information, a good number of internet users want to shop directly from trusted sites and links. PPC, social media ads and display ads are a great way to reach a target audience, promote brand awareness and increase sales for internet marketers. For this reason, paid ads are an amazing tool to use in internet marketing.

Do Optimize For Voice Search

Thanks to virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, internet users can easily search for information online without typing words on the search bar. For this reason, optimizing for voice search is a good go for internet marketers.

The Don’ts in Internet Marketing

Don’t Use Black Hat SEO Strategies

Black hat SEO is a no-go zone for internet marketers. It involves the use of uncouth methods to promote site ranks on search engines, traffic, and clicks. By all means, avoid black hat SEO tactics using deceptive links, over-optimizing content with keywords, cloaking, and duplicating content. These will only get your site fined with hefty penalties if not banned entirely from Google results.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Quality Content

Yes, Content was, is, and still will be King in the world of internet marketing. Instead of focusing on the volume of your blog posts, it pays to put more effort into ensuring you provide quality content. It’s appealing to both Google and your target customers.

Don’t Ignore B2B and Facebook Marketing 

Ask any successful digital marketer, and they’ll tell you how lead generation is critical to the growth of your online business. To maximize your chances of success in internet marketing, don’t make the mistake of failing to leverage on social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, even as you employ other B2B marketing strategies.


Don’t Sideline Customer Experience

Whatever you do, sidelining customer experience can be fatal to your success in online marketing. Your every effort should have your target customers in mind. It’s all about digital KYC, which means looking at everything from their point of view after understanding their pain points, what they need, what they want, and what would make them choose you over your competition.


Internet marketing is a competitive industry. For this reason, it’s important to employ the right strategies and devise ways you can stand out from the rest. With the above few tips, your journey to success in internet marketing might have just gotten easier.


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